The question arises has arose on the reliability of Google and whether one should follow the information present on it blindly!

Often it is heard, Rose will be a rose, even if you will not call it with the same name, “but what if people starts calling it by cactus or what if people starts getting confused Rose with cactus! Sounds weird! But a similar situation had occurred and surprisingly this blunder has been created by the master of all online worlds Google. Google Search engine creating disaster may form headlines and surprisingly it had gone wrong while portraying Actor Reshma and singer Reshma. If you search for singer Reshma then the information that you will get about her will be accurate but with a wrong picture.

Google goes wrong while searching singer Reshma

Who is Reshma (Singer)?

The owner of magical voice was born in 1947 and saw her last sunrise on 3rd November, 2013. Her full name was Sitara-e-Imtiaz and is among popular among two historical rivalries- India and Pakistan. Her demise occurred in Lahore, Pakistan due to throat cancer. She has sung for many blockbuster movies including Raj Kapoor’s, Bobby and Subhash Ghazi’s, Hero.

Who is Reshma (Actor)?
Reshma is among the known hot actress of Malayalam industry. She has pocket many super hit films and is known to work and have competition with many popular actors of this industry too. She is among those popular names who wins many packed theaters but whose pictures cannot hit any of their decent walls like other popular actress.

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What is the blunder which we are complaining about and what could be done?
A link is available over Wikipedia that depicts true story of singer Reshma but due to some error the picture of her was replaced by Malayalam actress, Reshma. The reason could be the absence of her picture in her Wikipedia and may be a later editing would have resulted in this error. Collective Process to solve fix this error is as follows:

Google Search Feedback

  1. While you search for Singer Reshma you get the needed information but the picture that had been displayed there belongs to actor Reshma. What could be done here is that complains could be aroused in the feedback section in the right side of the displayed screen.
  2. Report through the label that reads, “Feedback”
  3. Don’t forget to click on that link that reads, “wrong?” as it immediately record and encounter the problem.
  4. Finally a message will appear saying, “Thank you.”

Hope to see the change soon with our efforts.