android-300x225Google thrived hard to provide the public consumers with its best Android Apps in 2012. Google application fanatics are very pleased when Google made available their desktop applications on Android. Now, using these valuable desktop applications of Google is made more convenient to use with instant access through the Android applications that you can download directly to your Android mobile device. Mobile users are now optimistic that they can be as productive using their Android phones as they are using their desktop when using the Google applications on Android mobiles. These applications help Android users to enjoy the Google technology while they are on the go.

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Google Drive

This application can be downloaded for free on your Android mobile. Now, accessing your Google documents is made fast and easy with just a few steps in retrieving them directly on your mobile device. Google drive allows you to store your documents from a desktop or laptop and you can easily retrieve them from your cell phone without the need to browse for Google Drive from the search engine. You can store, open and edit your documents while you are on the go. You can store up to 5 GB of files for free in Google Drive and you may opt to share some of your files with other users.

Google Chrome

One of the popular internet browsers for laptops and desktops, the Google Chrome is now made available as an Android application that you can enjoy using for more efficient and powerful internet mobile surfing. Speed and simplicity are the best assets of Chrome which give it an edge over other mobile browser applications that are available for Android.


This Android application from Google makes connecting with people easier through Gmail. Wherever you go you can instantly communicate via email. Its interface is intuitive, simple and efficient. With push notifications, you will certainly not miss important correspondence from your Gmail. Using this Google application on Android allows the user to manage multiple accounts and save attachments. You can also instantly view your inbox even when you are offline.

Voice Search

This is an Android application created by Google Inc. that allows the mobile user to search the internet and the cellular phone for data using voice command. Make a quick search of the web without the need for typing. Its intuitive feature allows you to command your cell phone to perform activities using your voice such as making a call from your contacts and get directions.


This application allows you to enjoy connecting with friends and sharing important events that are happening about your life. Google + instantly shares your photos and important event with people you share your account with. This Android application also offers an opportunity for mobile users to stay connected through a video chat with mobile Hangouts. You are also updated with the latest trending topics and view the Nearby stream that will allow you to view the comments by people near your location. You can also opt to sync your photo album with Google +.

Google Search

This application graces you with the faster means of searching the internet. You can also choose to use your voice in making the web search. Moreover, Google search allows you to obtain personalized results according to your location.

Enjoy these Google desktop features on your Android mobile device and you can expect better and more advanced features from Google on their Android applications in the future.