Google Drive
I had published a post about how to host HTML, CSS, JavaScript files on Dropbox, dropbox is best service to host files easy and fast. but today i found new place where you can also host any files with unlimited bandwidth however, this service lunched before some times ago but i was too busy with my some other projects and works then i could not concentrate on my blog and other latest news, so  today i want to share this nice Google service review by publishing this post and I’m sure you will find this very helpful.

Google drive provide you lots of space, you can freely host unlimited & anything that you like, It has unlimited bandwidth, there are also many coolest features available, you can upload and share any files anywhere like facebook, twitter, google+ , also you can set up that who can see your files, who can edit your stuff, who can comment on your files and disable comments system in your hosted/uploaded files,  etc..  as example if you want to keep your document for private or do not want to share with everyone then don’t worry about it there is all settings available that you want, also do not worry about security, Google drive is always open with HTTPS encryption to keep your documents secure. Google drive allows you to upload any type of files  like : .doc, .pdf, .txt, .mp3, .mp4, .png, .gif, .jpeg, html, css, javascirpt  etc. you can upload, embed in your blog/site, share, or keep private for your self.

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How to Host files on Google drive :

Well, first go to Google Drive, locate and select the Upload button and select “Files” from the drop down menu.

Locate and select the file(s) you wish to upload and then click Open.

2Now wait while upload your file, it may be take 1-2 minute or it’s depend on your file size and speed of your internet connection.

3Once your file uploading done, then click on “Share” button and now click on “change” and choose “Publish in the web” to make it available for publish, (anyone can find in internet and  access) , Finally click “Save” button to save the settings.

4Now automatically sharing settings will appear, then Copy the whole URL present in the text area under “Link to share”. see the below screenshot as example :

Now open the notepad file and paste the copied link on it, so now your copied link will look like this :
but you have to change it to :

Note: Do not change or edit in above blue colored code, it should be same before and after changes are made.

That’s it
now you able to share or embed your files anywhere as you like, as example you have uploaded style.css file then you can add below code above in <head> tag in your blog or any html page.

<link href='' rel='stylesheet'/>

you have uploaded a HTML file then you can embed into iFrame : Use our Iframe Generator Tool

So now you can use this same method for uploading/hosting any files as you like. well if you still not understand the process then feel free leave your comments below.