Being a master in a trade can be something you can nurture by sharing it with others or it can be something that you keep to yourself. We think that you should invest into sharing your passion and talent with other people. There are numerous benefits that comes with this decision, through which both you and the people you share your craft with can walk away from the experience extremely satisfied. Depending on what this craft is, there could be very important implications or results to the fact that you’ve decided to share with others. But this might all sound a bit vague, so let’s get into some specific examples.

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Sharing art is something that should always be encouraged because not only do people get to see your work and appreciate its beauty, but they also get to be exposed to it, and draw influence from it The world’s greatest artists from any field are able to name endless rows of influences that shaped their style and appreciation towards that art form. Whether we’re talking about singers appreciating other singers or painters drawing inspiration from the great classics, the torch continues to be passed on to the benefit of mankind as it continues to produce wonderful art that everyone can enjoy. As an artist, you can contribute to this chain by adding your link to it.

Often time, artistic inspiration can lead not only to many new artists following your approach, but also entire styles being developed in your name, or by you personally. Artists are usually people that favor the idea of leaving their mark on the world, hopefully for the better. That being said, what better opportunity to do so than to create an entire genre within the art form you pursue. Even if you don’t end up doing that, you can still be very influential to many people. There are few things that children love more than a hometown hero, and that’s exactly what you can become by returning to your roots and helping those trying to find their way into the world just as you did.

Trades and special abilities

This category is made of all trades and abilities that people can learn during their lifetime. You can significantly improve your community by giving out lessons that help people learn the skill you’ve already mastered. It’s up to you whether you want to do it pro bono or in exchange of pay. After all, it’s your time that you would be investing and time is expensive.

Just think about the good you could be doing by sharing your knowledge. Let’s take an example where you are a master of a specific style of martial arts. By teaching others and taking on students, you are preparing them for situations in which they would be facing a highly detrimental context. You could be potentially directly responsible for saving a person’s life through your teachings. You can become an instructor at an already established location or open your own fighting school. Today’s guarantor loans make it easy to open up shop and get straight to business.

While no one can force you to share your expertise in any domain unwillingly, it can be of great benefit to everyone involved to make it something greater then yourself. If you’ve been previously helped or assisted while growing up or in a bad period of your life in your neighborhood, city or overall community, you can even look at it as giving back, a form of thank you.


There are a lot of practical trades that can be passed down but sometimes people just need a little guidance. You don’t have to be an old man to give out precious advice, and you don’t have to be priest either. But if you are one or both of those things, than it’s OK, you can carry out giving advise all the same.

The thing about philosophy is that often times it can be argued upon or countered by another theory. Giving advice in such things is not about setting straight an absolute truth but rather revealing a new perspective on a specific or general issue. This can be of great help for anyone that feels lost or is just at a fork in the road. Many great athletes and champions are born not just from intense training and talent but also out of benefitting from an impactful philosophical approach.


The power of example is unquestioned even to this day. What this means is that people will often times more successfully understand what you mean or what you do if they see it for themselves. Moreover, many might want to follow in your footsteps in a certain career or path but don’t have the motivation. Who knows, maybe they don’t even know it yet, as there are many people, even young adults, struggling to find out what they want to do in life. By succeeding in competitions, bringing home achievements, breaking records or making history in certain domains (all depending on what exactly it is that you master) you can inspire people to take on the same challenges with an invigorated resolve. Where people were previously uneasy, hindered or just shy to try or really dedicate themselves, your inspiring achievements can make them turn 180 degrees in the positive direction and pursue their own ideals and dreams.


Every person acts and feels differently, therefore there is no true “rule” on how success or accomplishment should be reinvested in the community that helped you develop it, or if there should be any reinvesting at all. However, those that feel the need to give back to their community will more than likely be met with the same enthusiasm they once possessed for learning the craft or developing their character into what it has become today. Also worth noting is the fact that doing it out of an apparent obligation or while feeling forced will not yield the results of the same course of action performed with a willing heart.