i love to participate in contest / giveaways as well as organize giveaway in my blog. if you are regular visitor of this blog then you must be aware about giveaways which i have already done in previous time. and also thinking to start a new giveaway soon, well, we will discuss on it later, for now i am going show that how you can make money through organizing giveaways on your blog. every bloggers wants something different attractive or good opportunities to make their readers happy. and giveaway is one of the best thing for it. by organizing giveaways on your blog, you can get good social traffic, fan, followers and money! and the same time sponsor (advertiser, marketer) can promote their product. and your blog reader have a chance to win something by your organized giveaway, so this way there is good benefit to you, your readers and advertiser. but what if your blog has wow traffic and good reputation but not getting any opportunities by the sponsors ? well, not need to worry about it there is a website called “Giveaway.ly” which can help you to get giveaways opportunities for your blog and also you can get paid by organizing giveaways on your blog.

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What is Giveaway.ly ?

Giveaway.ly is a website which connects advertisers and bloggers with each other. for advertiser it will help to find niche blog for promote their product for giveaways. and blogger can get giveaway organization opportunities for their blog as well as blogger can set a price for running the giveaway on their blog, so, this way blogger can make money by organizing giveaways on their blog. for the more details check out the screenshot below that will explain how you can get started with it.

Giveaway.ly - Earn Money Through Organzing Giveaways

How to make money through organizing giveaway using Giveaway.ly ?

1) Go to this Giveaway.ly sign up page
2) fill up the sign up form.
3) Add your blog and verify your blogs traffic by linking with your Google analytic profile.
4) Set the price for running the giveaway
5) That’s it.

As i mentioned above, add your blog and verify your blogs traffic by linking with your Google analytic profile , So, after that it will automatically recommended you to set a price per giveaway . it depends on your blog’s monthly traffic and geographic details . if you are new blogger and just started your first new blog then i would recommended you to keep it as low as possible, and also you can use it as free promotional giveaways to get more readers and traffic . once your blog is ready with decent traffic then you can always edit your listing and set the price as well.

Well, hope this article help you to get information about how to increase your blog revenues through organizing giveaways on your blog . so, go and create your free account that will take more than 5 minutes.

Enjoy ! :)