4 craft ideas for the budding artists in all of us. Sadly, when we transition from childhood into adult years, we tend to put away many of the things that made us happy when we were young. Bicycling becomes exercise, not a way to spend time with our friends. We become too busy to play in sandboxes, chase butterflies and finger paint.

When we lose the ability to enjoy these activities for what they are, we lose something fundamental in our lives. It may be normal and commonplace, but we also lose a part of our identity.

Encouraging your inner artist

The popularity of adult coloring books shows us that there is a need and desire for creative outlets among adults. Coloring books are a mass marketing response to an actual need. They are easy and inexpensive to produce and once made, they sell like crazy. Whether they get used, whether they are valued by their users, is a different kettle of fish entirely.

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What they have shown us, however, is that adults crave an outlet for their artistic expression. If someone wants a coloring book, it probably means they want to accomplish something artistic. Coloring on paper is a lazy way to scratch that itch.

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Artistry comes in many shapes

No matter your skill level or training, there are activities to be found to satisfy your artistic passion. There are nearly as many crafts and arts as there are people and running through a complete list would be futile. The same goes for artistic endeavors that require some skill.

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If you knit, crochet, quilt or sew – just to name a few – you already have an outlet for your artistry. If it satisfies you, that is great. If not, then find something else to do. The same idea applies to any form of artistry that takes effort. You must decide if the effort brings you joy or is it a burden.

Crafts for the rest of us

What most of us want is artistic crafts that take a minimum of skill and material to make. Even narrowing it down, there are too many to list, but we can look at a smattering of different crafts that are easy to start and simple to make all while letting us be artistic:

  • Beading. For people wanting to have a quick and easy crafting project that makes wearable art, you don’t have to look any further than beading. Over the last few years, beading has grown into a huge hobby with a vibrant community creating some incredibly beautiful pieces.
  • Scrapbooking. Generations ago, scrapbooking meant putting your personal mementos in specially made volumes to cherish and remember. These days, an entire industry has grown up to help you frame and accentuate your memories.
  • Home decoration. With a little work, just about anything can be repurposed to make your home unique. Everything from old board games to mason jars are turning up as home decorations and they look great.
  • Finger painting. Sure, it’s messy and childish, but it’s also a wonderful way to create truly unique works of artistry that can be used for decoration or given as gifts. It’s also great fun.

Finding supplies and material for your art projects can be as simple as knowing where to get wholesale craft supplies. Once you have the tools, finding the time and inspiration for your project will come.

The best thing about art is that it is individualistic and only needs to satisfy your soul. Even if what you create is abhorrent, you can simply cock your eyebrow at the critic and say, “you really just missed the whole point.” Art should be for art’s sake and they did miss the point.