If you are the one who wants to send an email to all your prospective customers, then here we are with the two best marketing service providers, GetResponse and Constant Contact. Marketing through emails is developing exponentially, not because of the increase in the service providers, but also because of new and advanced tech features which are becoming the norm for the online marketers.

Those days are gone, when there was only one dominating marketing services available, but now there are innumerable ones from which it is quite difficult to choose the best. So, do you know that how to select the best one among innumerable marketing services available? We have the two with us, which we think are the best, GetResponse and Constant Contact. Here we have broken down these marketing service providers in order to give you all the best recommendations.

Before moving further, we would like to tell you that what all the marketing service providers have in common in them. This criteria will briefly discussed while making the comparison below. For staying in a business, email marketing service providers need to have good relationships with the major Internet Service Providers, including Juno, Yahoo, AOL, and many more. The email marketing service providers need to have anti-spam policy for keeping their users from being blacklisted. There are many email marketing service providers which use the same lot of anti-spam measures.


We hope that if you are reading this comparison here, then you might be aware about the importance of building an email list for making quick money online. The best way to generate more sales and new leads is through email marketing because it is significantly the most direct way of communication between you and your customer. Building email lists is another best way for building a long term relationship with the users. This significantly means that sending a rich-quality article to the readers is beneficial in long term earnings.

GetResponse v/s Constant Contact– Same Features

Before starting off with the comparison between GetResponse v/s Constant Contact, we would like to tell you that there are a few common features between the two. And even these two are equally good at those features. Those features include, tracking reports, image hosting & gallery, blogging newsletter and social media integration.

Now, moving forward on few considerable points which will help you in choosing the best email marketing service provider.

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GetResponse v/s Constant Contact– Mobile Friendly

99% of people use smartphones for using Internet services more than using their laptops or PCs. So, if you are planning to build a strong relationship with your readers by emailing them, then it would be an act of stupidity if you will use any unresponsive templates.


GetResponse offers its users with more than 500+ beautifully responsive templates which helps ease in building the best and engaging email newsletters. Newsletters are significantly the best bullets for connecting yourself with your readers. On the other hand, Constant Contact also do offer some responsive and beautiful templates, but while comparing the two, GetResponse is much better.

GetResponse v/s Constant Contact- Relationship Builder

For building a long term and strong relationship with the readers, you have to keep them asking questions at a proper time interval in accordance to know more about their feedback and what actually they want from you. It significantly helps in building business as wells meeting the satisfaction of the readers. One of the best ways of connecting with the readers is by using Auto Responder, which significantly helps in sending automated mails just as the readers subscribe them. GetResponse allows in sending unlimited automated mails, newsletters and replies for both, premium as well as for free users. On the other hand, Constant Contact offers only 100 replies for free users after which it has to be upgraded to premium.

GetResponse v/s Constant Contact- Contacts Memory

Who doesn’t, really want an efficient as well as a leek storage feature? So, if you are the one who want to have an efficient and a sleek contacts memory, then go for Constant Contact because it is much better than GetResponse. Moreover, it is even quite easy to use on mobile devices as well.

GetResponse v/s Constant Contact- Ease of Use

We have a draw here because both, GetResponse and Constant Contact are easy to use. But when it comes about navigation, Constant Contact is tougher, while GetResponse is user friendly as well as easy to use.

GetResponse v/s Constant Contact- Free Trial

Here too, both, GetResponse  Constant Contact offers free trials, but GetResponse allows the free users to use its premium features unlimited for first 30 days, including reply mails, newsletters and much more. While on the other hand, Constant Contact has a limit of 100 replies for its free trial.

GetResponse v/s Constant Contact- Pricing Plans

GetResponse gives its users a free 30-day trial of its premium features and the pricing plans for the premium users starts from 15$ to 450$ per month for 1000 to 100000 subscribers.
On the other hand, Constant Contact pricing plans start from 20$ to 85$ per month for 500 to 10000 subscribers. Choosing GetResponse significantly helps in saving lots of money.

GetResponse v/s Constant Contact- Success Rate

The most important factor while choosing the email marketing service provider is its success rate, deliverability rate. GetResponse has 99% success rate while Constant Contact has 97%.


Comparing the two, GetResponse vs Constant Contact, it can be seen that GetResponse is much better than Constant Contact because it has got professional as well as better looking templates for emails and even helps in saving lots of money.

By this comparison, we hope that you all have understood that which one of these is the best choice. I would personally recommend GetResponse because of its beautiful and interactive user interface and affordable pricing.