If you are running a business, then you might be aware of the fact that promoting it requires much more online marketing than what we think. And the most effective and proven online marketing strategy is the Email Marketing. You may find dozens of solutions for the same, but here we are today with GetResponse vs. ActiveCampaign. According to us, GetResponse stands out well by providing a complete marketing solution to the SMBs at an affordable price. But, we have to find out the same. Come on! Let’s take a look.


Main Features of GetResponse

Marketing Automation for SMBs
GetResponse has released its new feature, Marketing Automation recently and has managed to become one of the most powerful among all the marketing automation platforms. It helps in developing workflows which are highly effective including the read-to-use blocks with an easy arrangement. It is a feature which helps in creating automated events by studying about the clicks, purchases and cart abandonments.

It even helps in taking the actions which are condition-based by the users including the tag, scores and send emails. It also applies the filters for more effective target including the amount and range. The Marketing Automation tool of GetResponse helps in creating the workflows which help in turning the subscribers into the customers. Not only this, it even helps in bringing back the customers as well as improves the results and much more.

Email Marketing
GetResponse is one of the best and an effective business marketing tool which is significantly designed for all types and sizes of businesses. It helps in improving the email creator regularly and allows the users to make everything unique. It has got a drag-n-drop editor which is easy to use for designing customized email templates. It provides the users with more than 500 newsletter templates and thousands of iStock photos to choose from.

Apart from this, it helps in editing the images, getting an access to the basic blocks library, checking the history of the email creation and saving, reusing all the snippets of the content. This feature of GetResponse is associated with the smartest and advanced email analytics. It provides deeper insights including inbox preview, real-world ROI, metrics over time, compares emails, list booster, and one-click segmentation.

Landing Page Builder


The most important aspect of any online marketing platform is its versatility if creating the effective and successful landing pages. And GetResponse is the best platform which provides its users with powerful and easy to use landing page builder. It offers thousands of unique landing page templates along with a simple WYSIWYG editor which customizes easily. It even uses the most advanced and latest technology for creating pages.

All the landing page templates offered by GetResponse are responsive in design. It also offers built-in web forms for capturing the leads and data along with unique templates, stock photos, conducts A/B testing, integrating the landing pages with Google Analytics, and adding buy now PayPal button for boosting the sales.

Auto Responder
With the feature of Auto Responder, GetResponse lands itself ahead in the competition and is considered to be the best email marketing tool in the market. It helps in communicating directly with the customers as per their needs and interests. It even sends the action-based and time-based messages to the customers and the subscribers. There is no limitation for sending the messages per day, has total control over the timing with a drag-and-drop order management and edit the messages easily.

Webinar Tool


GetResponse offers a Webinar tool which is a complete marketing solution for SMBs. It helps in giving a boost over the engagement and conversion rates. It is easy to setup and allows an SSL protection for the URLs. It offers numerous invitation templates which help the users in taking the news about the business webinar to social media.

USP of GetResponse

There are multiple reasons behind the success of GetResponse as a powerful marketing tool which helps in empowering SMBs and online marketers.

  • GetResponse is an all-in-one marketing tool which is taking its legacy beyond with its powerful features.
  • GetResponse is affordable and is worth the money because it is a complete email marketing solution for your business. It offers everything which is expected from an effective email marketing tool at an affordable price.
  • You don’t have to worry if you are not a tech-savvy because GetResponse is simple and easy to use marketing tool which can be used even by the people who know the basic computer skills.

Overall, GetResponse is the best, most effective and powerful marketing tool for SMBs. It brings marketing automation within a budget.

Main Features of ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is an all-in-one marketing platform for all types and sizes of businesses. It does offer a variety of tools which are designed for the businesses for engaging their customers. Here we will talk about the three major features of ActiveCampaign.

Marketing Automation for SMBs
ActiveCampaign helps in automatically engaging you with the contacts with the sales follow-ups, welcoming emails, triggering campaigns, birthday emails and much more. It does offer countless options for automating within the automation. It even helps in utilizing the interactions and behaviors from the apps and the websites with a complete segmentation between the contacts.

Email Marketing
ActiveCampaign is a mobile friendly marketing tool which has a drag & drop interface, free templates, and free image hosting. It helps in managing and gathering all the contacts on a single platform. It easily segments the contacts based on the activities on the site, contact data, social/interest data, campaign interactions and much more. It also creates automation based on the behavioral and contact data as well as provides the real-time insights of the contacts and campaigns.

Sales and CRM
The ActiveCampaign CRM is significantly designed for the real people. It seamlessly integrates with the automation, personal email, and marketing. In simple words, it is a complete sales automation tool which helps in automatically advance, close and nurture on deals. It even helps in setting up the custom sales processes and manages to grow the list of the contacts.

Overall, ActiveCampaign is considered to be the best and powerful CRM sales automation tool available in the market.

Now, the question is which one is the best- GetResponse or ActiveCampaign?

On one hand, GetResponse is considered to be an all-in-one complete marketing solution which provides unlimited follow-up auto responders for delivering the information to the customers and subscribers. It offers four plans starting with the price of $15 per month-$450 per month. It is available for free trial of 30-days.

On another hand, ActiveCampaign is considered to be making the email marketing easy which helps to create, manage and extend the auto responder and email marketing campaigns. It offers three pricing plans starting from $9 per month-$149 per month. It is not available for free trial.

The clear winner is GetResponse because it is a re-known service provider which provides marketing automation tool at a reasonable price and is considered to be the easiest email marketing software available in the market.