Are you a fan of Royal Enfield, the Indian motorcycle manufacturing company? Are you interested in having a franchise of Royal Enfield in order to have its dealership? If so, then you are at the right place. Because today, we are here with an answer to your question, “How to get Royal Enfield dealer franchise in India?”

This article will tell you everything which you need to know about getting a franchise and becoming a dealer of Royal Enfield. Royal Enfield is one of the most loved motorcycle brand in India and with its growing popularity, it is also attracting more customers and making fans around the world.

Currently, Royal Enfield is being sold in more than 50 countries, among which countries like UK, Japan, Germany, USA, France and many others are also there. What makes the Royal Enfiled business a profitable one? It is the cult following the Royal Enfield, which makes its dealership a profitable one. With time, not only the demand of Royal Enfield bikes is growing, but even the demand of dealership is increasing as well.


Why is Royal Enfield in high demand?

Royal Enfield is one of the oldest motorcycle companies which is still in production. It’s almost 120 years old and still it hasn’t lost its charm. In fact, the older it gets, the more people starts to get attracted to it. Royal Enfield’s 120 years of history is one of the main reasons that it is still loved so much and people are ready to wait for months to get their bike delivered.Moreover, there are so many clubs which are Royal Enfield specific and the amount of these clubs is second to none. People are always ready to join new bike clubs and thus making Royal Enfield even more desirable to get the entry into those clubs.

Since the beginning, Royal Enfield came up with their bikes which were made to last forever. Whether these bikes provide anything else or not, but Enfield is always seen as a bike which can be there for years or even for generations. One of the key features which Enfield owners or fans like about the Royal Enfield the most is, that these bikes are rock solid. The complete bikes are made of metal rather than putting plastic parts to make them lightweight. It doesn’t only have the ‘Royal’ in its name, but it makes the person feel ‘Royal’.

Royal Enfield doesn’t only have a huge fan following in India, but even in other countries as well. And this is one of the reasons that investing in the Royal Enfield dealership and its franchise can be very profitable, where you can expect good returns. So now let us shift our focus on the main question, “How to get Royal Enfield dealer franchise in India?”

What do you need to have or keep in mind?

There are some requirements which you need to fulfill before you apply for the Royal Enfield franchise:

1. Area Requirements: Royal Enfield demands you to have an area of 4000 sqft or if you can arrange this much of space for your dealership showroom. There are many other parameters also but having a good and wide space in the showroom is necessary. You can also have more than 4000 sqft but the company will not entertain you if you have any less than this.

2. Investment/Estimate: Another requirement is the money which basically depends on the place or the area where you want the showroom to be. So, basically, the main cost of the dealership will vary from place to place. In a good commercial place or on roadsides you might have to invest more as compared to a residential place or a place somewhere deep in the market.

Although the overall estimate which you should keep in mind before applying for the dealership is 50 lakh INR to 1 crore INR. This is an overall budget, which you must have to fulfill to get Royal Enfield dealer franchise in India. The cost which we have mentioned here is the investment which you have to do for the showroom, but for the franchise, you will have to spend another 1 lakh INR. This 1 lakh INR is the actual franchise cost of Royal Enfield.

3. Royalty Fee: In addition to this, the company also takes 5% of the gross sales as a royalty fee. All this is what you need to have in mind while applying for a Royal Enfield dealership.

How to Apply for Royal Enfield Franchise and Dealership

Royal Enfield has made it easy for anyone to apply for its dealership through its official website ( Although we must tell you that your application should be different and impressive to get an instant reply from the company. There are numerous people who contact the company for the dealership, yet only a few get successful. All in all, the company has 180 dealers in India, so you have to be really careful, precise and impressive with your application.

Now, you need to visit the Royal Enfield’s official website, click on the option ‘become a dealer’. An application form will be displayed on the screen, which you have to fill properly and submit. You really need to be very accurate with all the details and provide them a good reason as why they should give you the dealership. Your reason must make you stand out from the others who have applied for its dealership.

What after application got approved?

It’s always better to know the next step. So after you get your application approved, you would need to get training for running a successful dealership. Royal Enfield has the experience of years, which is unmatched by any other motorcycle producing brand. So they have covered all the aspects of their business, they provide training to dealers and their employees so they know everything about the brand. It’s important for your employees to know everything so that they can assist the customers well.

Moreover, with the same training given to all will ensure that there would be no different in the answers of your employees to the inquiries by the customers. It will also help the dealers in knowing the business well and how they can make a profit out of it.

With the growing popularity of Royal Enfield, more riders are joining the brand because of its spectacular history and heritage. Becoming a part of that history and promoting the brand by selling the bikes which are there for decades in itself is enough to give you goosebumps. After becoming a dealer of this prestigious brand you’ll enjoy the profits, but most of you’ll enjoy the smile and feeling of joy on the face of your customers.