Whether you are sharing, creating, converting, editing documents, it is always difficult to turn away from PDF. This is one of the best ways utilized by professionals all over the world to share and distribute digital documents. Its cross platform compatibility and format retainability combine to give it an edge over other formats. However, there is an application that works perfectly with PDF, creating solutions to all your day to day PDF problems and giving you maximum value even though, it cost less than others. This is Wondershare PDFelement.

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What really makes Wondershare PDFelement amazing?

All in One PDF Editor: This software has the ability to create, edit, convert, apply signature, password and fill forms on your PDF documents. It is one of the best PDF editors that is packed with professional tools that let you edit, combine transform and organize PDFs with so much ease. It also let you solve all your annotation, password protection and digital signature problems. And this is not even all, it can also help you extract, merge and split and print documents to PDF.

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Easy to Use: Wondershare PDFelement real deal lies in the simplicity and ease of use. You do not need to be a software or computer guru to use it effectively. The user interface is friendly with drag and drop features making it easy for anybody to use. Also included, are six interactive field options for adding text, checkboxes, drop down list and a lot more.

Cost Effective: Wondershare PDFelement is relatively cheaper than the average software in the market with the same functional range. In fact, you do not even need an Adobe because you get all functions at a fraction of the cost. This has made the software to be cost effective because you get more for less cost.

OCR Function: Optical character recognition which is known as OCR is a great tool that helps you to extract text from scanned images. Wondershare PDFelement comes with industry leading optical character recognition technology which can be used to transform any scanned document into fully searchable, selectable and editable documents. You can comfortably transform an image based PDF document into a usable text while keeping the document appearance. Also, you can set a default language of the text in the input file which will be useful for better recognition. The availability of OCR is in both Mac and Windows version of the software.

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Free Trial: It is always a good thing to test something before purchasing it. Due to the confidence on the software, Wondershare has offered a free trail for their intending customers. This free trial will give you the idea of the functions and capabilities of the software. However, the good thing is that most people who use the free trial end up purchasing the paid version because of the satisfaction they derived from the product.

Some customers do say “if the free trial version with limited version is this good, how will the paid version be”.