How to Get Mac like Sound Hud on WindowsEveryone loves Apple Devices and its beautiful user interface but not everyone is capable to buy it. For all those peoples I am trying really hard to give feel of Mac on their Windows Computer. I have wrote many articles on using Mac features on Windows PC and after researching for more than a month I have finally got Mac like sound hud on my windows laptop.

It is not much longer that I have switched to Mac from windows laptop and all I can say is user interface of Mac is simply awesome and once I found something eye catchy on my mac, I try to get it on my windows laptop too. Since I purchased mac I was in love with sound hud which appears when I increase or decrease volume and I was searching for the way to get it on my windows laptop. Yesterday I finally found the way and now everytime when I increase or decrease volume I see Mac like sound hud on my windows laptop. Do you too want it ? Just follow below given simple steps and enjoy mac like feel on your windows computer.

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Steps to Get Mac Like Sound Hud on Windows

Before we begin with the tutorial let me first give you an overview of whole tutorial. The thing which makes this possible is a small lightweight software namely 3rvx. Ya i know the name is weird but this free available software works just like a dream come true for us. We will first install it on windows computer or laptop and then we will slightly configure it to make it similar to Mac. Not wasting much of your time, now let us begin with the tutorial.


Download the software which we are going to use to get mac like sound hud on windows from here. After downloading install it on your windows computer.

Note – I tried this on my Windows 8 Laptop if you are using older versions of windows than it might not work properly but you can always give a try.


After you install it on your computer, open 3RVX.exe file (If you don’t get the shortcut on desktop then run it by searching “3rvx.exe” in windows search). It will open up the window as shown in below given image.

Windows Settings
Don’t mess up with any settings right now. Simply click on Save button and increase or decrease volume on your windows computer by pressing function key (Fn) and sound increase or decrease button.


Once you make change in volume you will get Mac like sound hud displayed on the screen. Not only hud but it also makes the same sound as it makes on Mac.

Mac like sound hud
Now as we have enabled mac like sound hud on windows computer, lets make few changes into the settings to squeeze up the best mac like experience out of it. The very first thing which we should change is enable 3rvx at the time of windows startup.

To enable it in the windows startup open 3rvx.exe again and head over to General tab. In that under behaviour settings check the box before “Run on Windows Startup”. See below given image for proper understanding.

Windows Settings - Run Windows Startup
After checking the box Save the settings and it will run this software everytime you start windows so whenever you will increase or decrease system volume, it will show you mac like sound hud on your windows computer.

If you want to change the skins of the sound hud than also you can change it by heading over to skins tab in the 3rvx settings but among all themes I like the default Mac theme most. That’s all people, and don’t forget to share this amazing trick with your friends.