Hidden files can be explained as the files that are invisible to the clients while browsing on the PC. Sometimes these files and organizers are hidden on your external hard disk drive since they are debased or outdated. The operating system may likewise conceal files from the clients to keep any coincidental tampering. You can gain access to the hidden files on your “Microsoft Windows” PC by essentially changing the settings. Follow these simple strides to get to the invisible or hidden organizers on your external hard disk:


Firstly, connect your external disk drive to the PC and sit tight for some time to guarantee legitimate functioning.

  • Sit tight a couple of moments for an “AutoPlay” screen to show up on your PC.
  • Inside this “AutoPlay” screen, make a tick on the option called “Open Folder” to see files.
  • Presently you can see an option called “Organize” on top of your screen. Tap on this option and then select “Envelope and Search Options”.
  • Tap on the “View” tab and then select “Show hidden files”.
  • Presently under the “Navigation Panel”, make a tick on “Apply” and snap “alright” to confirm it.
  • Hidden organizers and files are presently obvious and you may effectively get to them on the PC.

This technique works in many cases. If your external hard disk is seriously infected with different infections, then there is a chance that you will never have the capacity to get to the hidden files using this system. If this strategy does not recover hidden files, you may need to utilize the record recovery software.

Yodot for Retrieving Hidden Files

Yodot data recovery is one of the most dependable and laudable software for gaining access to hidden files. It is perfect for recovering files from external disk and other storage gadgets. With an amazingly innovative scan innovation, it scans every sector of your disk drive to recover organizers and files with precision and fast. You don’t should be an IT professional to utilize this software, the straightforward interface of Yodot File recovery empowers every one of the clients to utilize it without any difficulty. You can restore PowerPoint, Access, PST, MS Word, DBX, Excel and other files using this easy to use software.

Recover Hidden Files using Yodot

  • Connect your external disk to the PC.
  • After your PC has recognized the external hard disk, install Yodot File Recovery software.
  • Run the program to begin the recovery procedure.
  • While running the application, you will see two options called “Lost File Recovery” and “Erased File Recovery”.
  • Presently select “Lost File Recovery” to recover all the hidden files from your external drive.
  • Select the drive that shows your external disk.
  • After selection, the software begins scanning process and shows every recoverable document.
  • You can see your recoverable files in two view sorts named as “Document Type View” and “Data View”.

Finally, select a location and spare all your recuperated files on an internal hard disk drive. Ensure that you don’t spare the recouped files on the external drive again.

Yodot data recovery is The Ultimate Software

Anybody who utilizes a PC is completely mindful of the implications of data loss. Whether unintentional or not, data loss can make a colossal problem particularly if there is have to recoup that data. This is the reason data recovery software was invented. Throughout the years, there have been a few software packages that have hit the market and in all honesty, many of these packages are very great. However, it is important to go for not only a decent software package but rather the best data recovery software package there is. Follow this post to know more about How to retrieve files from corrupted hard drive.

By instinct, the vast majority will take a gander at the less expensive software options and imagine that those ought to be the better decisions. However, depending on how truly you have to recoup your data, it is important to have top quality data recovery software which now and again may cost somewhat more than the ordinary packages. It is extremely essential to concentrate on how great the software is instead of how costly or shabby it is.

The primary spot you can go to attempt and find out which software programs are the best would be the internet. However, the internet is swarmed with so much information, so much that, you will undoubtedly get suffocated in so much information. Hence, you need some kind of guide or navigator to enable you to identify which specific projects for data recovery are the best in the market.

Why Yodot?

Yodot is one such software program that will enable you to recuperate lost data adequately. Most software projects will enable you to recuperate data in light of the problem that your PC is looked with. This means the data recovery software you buy must be akin to your PC problems. Runtime manages the majority of the commonly occurring PC complications that prompt data loss and it offers an exit plan in light of a few problems causes. The options come at different costs. This software program guides you through the whole data recovery through a ‘keen wizard’ which is installed on the PC and it will enable you to recoup the lost data effectively.

Data loss can happen because of a few reasons yet whatever the reason is, you need data recovery software on standby just on the off chance that you have to recover some lost files. Whether you get the software earlier or after a problem happens, it is beneficial to have this software with you.

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Having data recovery software is one of the fundamental things of using a PC. Whether you are a customary client or an occasional client, there is no guarantee that the data you have on the PC will be intact whenever you come to check. It is therefore important to have data recovery software to cover the danger of losing data.