If you have found yourself falling in love with a girl on Facebook and want to take your cute conversations to the next level, then it’s the right time to ask her to be your girlfriend. All you need to show her what she means to you and how good you are as an online conversationalist. Twitter and Facebook are the two most popular social networking sites, which significantly help us to keep in touch with our friends.


There are few people who join the social networking websites for finding new friends. And even there are some guys who find “Impressing a Girl on Facebook” quite little difficult. It is just because you have to share each and every detail of your profile and not just carry it forward with your conversation. Today I am here with the best tips about how to get a girlfriend through Facebook Chat.

Make your profile impressive

If you really want to impress the girl for whom you are falling in love and want her to be your girlfriend, then you have to delete all the unwanted posts from your profile. Also, you can share some thoughts or exciting facts. Try to update your profile frequently including your profile picture, especially with the one clicked with your family or at the workplace. Avoid using Photoshopped pictures and try including your pet, if you have one in your profile picture, which will let her know that you are a caring person.

Make an effort to know her

Try and make an effort to know more about her by frequently visiting her profile and going through the posts she shared, which will help you in knowing what kind of a person she actually is. Though it might not give you much detail about her, but at least you will get to know about her family, friends, studies and other little facts. Keep a track on her likes and dislikes as well as on her statuses. Also, you can join those communities where she is in or find her close friends, making them your good friends because they can help you in getting her better. But, avoid being a creeper.

Be active

Try to be active on Facebook when your girl is active and that you can do with liking or commenting on her posts or pictures. This will help you know in her presence there because she will definitely reply to your comments. By doing this, you will actually allow her to notice you and your profile. This is one of the best ways for impressing or getting a girlfriend via Facebook Chat. If she gets impressed, then it might be possible that she will add you as a friend.

Chat regularly with her

If she has added you as a friend on Facebook, then you have to make the first move, i.e. start chatting with her. Just start off with a usual conversation and make a few comments on her posts or pictures, which might make her happy. Also, talk with her freely about all the details which you have got through her profile. You need to avoid those discussions in which she doesn’t interest as well as avoid irritating her with your boring conversation and start off with something which interests her.

Express your interest and care

Once you have started your regular conversations with her frequently, let her know that you are interested in talking with her. Most of the women are interested in those men who care and are interested in conversing with them. Expressing your interest in her talks and care for her feelings will give her a positive thought about you. And also, you can tell her how important she is to you.

Give her compliments

By compliments, I specifically mean that praise her pictures or thoughts she cared, but don’t flirt or flatter her much because she might not like it. By complimenting and praising her, she will get to know that you are actually paying attention to her posts and will make her happy. Do ensure that your compliments must not make her feel that you are lying and make her realize that you have time for her. (Learn: How to Compliment a Girl)

Give surprises

Though you cannot give her chocolates or a teddy bear or flowers, but yes, you can send her e-messages and e-cards for showing your love for her. It will just show your interest in her.

Ask her for a Video chat

If you think that you are more comfortable in expressing your thoughts through chat, then just ask her for a video chat with you. This time remember that you are taking your conversation to a next level. Also, you have to be quite careful while asking her for a video call so that she might not think that you are interested in her physical beauty. This is another one of the best ways to get a girlfriend through Facebook chat and impress her.

Her thoughts about you

After taking few steps forward and trying your best to impress her, ask her whether she likes you or not. Do try your best to hear her true feelings and thoughts about you. During this conversation, try to know what she dislikes about you and change it for her.

Ask her out

After knowing her true feelings about you, means that she is also excited to meet you and spend some quality time with you, then it’s the right time to ask her for a day out. Take her to the place of her choice and make her feel comfortable. Do plan for a candle-lit dinner or a lunch at a romantic place. Get to know what she likes and surprise her with a gift to express your love for her.

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So, these are the best tips to follow for getting a girlfriend via Facebook Chat. But, I would also like to share few do’s and don’ts for all of you who are here.



Show Enthusiasm: The girl for whom you are falling in love is just another human being like you and she might be confused that if you are interested in chatting with her not. Show your enthusiasm and interest in her talks. For instance, you can let her know that whatever she has said is cool.


Delete unwanted stuff: Before sending her a message or a friend request, remember to delete all the unwanted posts and pictures, especially the nudity contents. Add some interesting facts which might interest and impress her. Keep those pictures in which you are neatly dressed up and are not showing off.


Put your decent profile picture: Putting up profile pictures of some random actors or of your tattoo might frustrate those people who don’t know you well. So, it is advised to put up a profile picture of yours. You can keep baby pictures, including your childhood pictures or of your pet in your albums, but put up a picture of what you are now.


Do your homework: You might think that I am asking you to go back to school and complete your homework. LOL! No. Actually, I mean to say that keep few topics of interests at the back of mind before starting your conversation with her. By doing this, your conversation will show off your personality as a conversationalist.


Maintain perspective: She is just another human like you and not a goddess. So, it is important to keep all your stakes at a low level.


Be friendly: While chatting with her or asking her for a day out, just make her feel comfortable and be open with her. Do give her time for replying to you as well as between your conversations. Also, respect her space at once, because she might not feel comfortable with you.



Use Profanity: Using irreverent speech with her might not attract or impress her because she don’t know you that well.


Show off: Do not start bragging about yourself in front of your girl, but yes, you can show off a little bit because after all, you both are talking through a Facebook Chat. Avoid saying anything which might not interest her because it will just turn her off.


Say something potentially offensive: Avoid saying those things which she thinks is lame because you never know what are her views. Avoid talking about religion or politics.


Be too flirty: She don’t know you well, so stop being flirty with her. Rather, talk to her in a friendly manner. If you try to flirt with her, be in the limits and to the level of teasing just like a friend would do.

If you get her attention, it will be quite easy for you to get a girlfriend via Facebook chat. The most important thing to remember is that DO NOT LIE, if she has started trusting you. I do hope that these tips will definitely help you to get a girlfriend via Facebook chat.