Games. It’s not about Nintendo anymore. And, even though most people alive today know who Mario is, there’s a new force in gaming technology, and it comes in the form of wearable devices. The future belongs to those who loved the idea of those old oversized Casio wristwatches that had a built-in calculator.

Gaming on the Go: The Revolution in Wearable Play


Google Glass
Probably the most familiar wearable tech these days is Google Glass. It’s part glasses, part headset. It’s something that Google thinks will revolutionize the way people interact with each other. It’s not really a smartphone, though it can do what most smartphones can do, and a whole lot more.

Google has invented an entirely new class of devices, much like Apple did with its iPhone. The difference here is that’s it’s not entirely certain how this will take off in the marketplace. Will Google be able to come up with the killer apps it needs to make this product take off? Many experts doubt it, including Apple’s Tim Cook. But, let’s be real. Cook has obvious reasons why he’d want something like Glass to fail and iPhone to succeed.

On the other hand, Google Glass does have a lot going for it in terms of technology. It’s something that’s truly hands-free. Taking your phone out of your pocket to check it is a hassle after a while. With Google Glass, it’s right there on your head.

There’s also an element of augmented reality. Glass can snap pictures and show you a “heads up” display of events based on things around you in the real world. For example, if you want to go to a concert, you could scan a local flier you picked up and do a search for it on the Web, all without lifting a finger.

Game designers are also coming up with neat ideas, like Mind Pirate.

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Samsung Galaxy Gear
Samsung Galaxy Gear is an Andriod-based smartwatch made by Samsung and it uses the Android operating system. Gaming development aimed specifically at the watch has been a bit sparse, as the watch has garnered mixed reviews. Even so, Juniper Research reports that they expect more than 130 million of these watches to ship by 2018.

Now for the good news. The watch can run any Android app due to the fact that USB debugging can be tuned on. This will allow you to use ADB to sideload apps onto the device. Of course, there’s only so much you can do with a 1.6″ screen and 4GB of storage with no native wireless connection. Still, it’s a cool concept and one that might catch on, if only in an underground hacker’s market. Imagine being able to pass around freeware games via applications like Vuze , and then loading them onto your watch. Pretty cool, huh?

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Pebble Smartwatch
If you’re the type that likes to play retro games, this might be the watch for you. Its e-ink design makes it a good choice for those who love new technology. But, it also boasts a lot of 8-bit games like Tetris, pong, and other classics. Sure, everything is in black and white, but it’s clear and crisp as can be. Sort of a new retro look. Oh yeah, it also tells time.