People have different types of problem. Some are having sleepless nights due to excess weight whereas others are suffering from low weight. If you are among those segments that are starving for increased weight then this article is especially for you. Though no gain no pain, but here you will have no pain while gaining weight. There are few steps through which you need to follow in order to have the attractive shape in your body.

how to gain weight fast

1) Increase the quantity of your food intake- there are many blind faith with various food that say if you eat any particular food then you can put on faster. In reality this statement holds no truth as there is any magical food invented till now. Some says that intake of certain setoff medicine will help them but again it is a false statement. They are those lazy segments who fall as pray in the hand of advertisements. Alike weight reduction weight gaining also requires continuous dedication.  It requires a rigid mental frame and a complete revolution in your life style. Increase the quantity of food intake and you will start feeling the difference soon. Whenever you opt for weight reduction you start consuming less of calories. Here you have to do exactly opposite thing. Here you have to increase the calorie intake so that the result is generated soon. Eat those foods more that possess more of calories and carbohydrates.

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2) Eat at loess interval- never let your body deprive of any kind of meal and consume all 4 meals including breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. At the same time don’t forget to increase the quantity of food that you are eating. Try to eat after every 3 hours and henceforth you will end up eating almost 6 meals. Ensure that you eat before you start feeling hungry. Whatever you are consuming in all your meals ensure they are highly rich in calories and more than regular quantity. Carry snacks which are rich in protein so that you can consume them even when you are traveling or have forgotten to eat. This could be consumed in mid of work or any other task. Even when driving you can pack your tummy with this food and can gain more and more weight easily.

3) Eat more and eat often- often you eat when your stomach calls for a meal, in short when hunger calls you but if you really want to gain weight you have to keep on eating even when your stomach is not feeling weak. Eating constantly surely helps in increasing your weight.

Increasing and decreasing weight solely depend upon your food habits, your life style and your attitude towards the weight issue. Though decreasing or increasing the weight is not a fast process and need to be patient. It takes time but it happens for sure. It is easy if you are dedicated in following the process. So now you can look as you want by following few simple steps. So if you are still worried about your low weight, think again!