JavaScript is one of my favorite language that mostly i have used it to do some funny things. in my previous posts i have posted many articles related to funny JavaScript that you can use it to show up funny things to your friends , or your blog readers to make them happy and laugh. too much funny things can also down our impressions and reputation then also we have to take care about it. we should avoid that type of things in our blog Especially in the home page or any post page, post page must be cleaned that can our blog readers can read articles comfortably. but you can share these type of thing in your blog’s single post or single page .

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Well, today in this post i gonna share another funny JavaScript Facebook dislike button which will really make you laugh and also it can be help to increase Facebook likes. as you can see below iFrame, two Facebook buttons are there one for like and other one is for dislike :P as we all know Facebook has no dislike button so, that mean dislike button is for the fun, whenever you going to hit on the dislike button then it will moves and you will be not able to click on it. and i know after seeing this funny thing you will be impress on my funny work and hit the like button. ;)

Ok, how’s it?
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