Every year the businesses are flourishing and all credit goes to the innovations and developments in the online industry. The major booster for the businesses are the industrialization and the technical advancements and now, the businesses can even try out few amazing tools which are available online. These online tools significantly helped the businesses and companies in exploring a large clientele as well as helps in promoting their businesses easily. We have seen that most of the companies have started creating the landing pages and forces their visitors or readers to subscribe to the alerts. The landing pafe builder and email marketing tools which are avialble online has made it possible and we have a fully packed branding package for every business, and that is GetResponse.

GetResponse is one of those online tools which have helped the businesses in cutting short the cost of online marketing. It allow the users in creating multiple landing pages and sending endless newsletters to connect themselves with their subscribers. It has helped in castrating the need to hire the marketing team for the promotion of the business. Now, all the companies, whether small or big can rely on the effective promotion and marketing by GetResponse. It has managed to emerge out as one of the best webinar, email marketing and landing page builder tool for the every business.


So, today we are here with an in-depth review of GetResponse and have discussed some of its most powerful features. You can go through the list and checkout how GetResponse is a useful tool for the promotion and marketing of your business.

Variety of Templates

GetResponse offer its users with more than 600+ designs of templates in different types and for different businesses. The subscribers can easily get attracted towards the business newsletters and help you in staying connected with them. It even allow the users to edit the templates the way they want to and all the credit goes to the GetResponse editor, WYSIWYG. It features a drag-n-drop facility which makes the task of editing the templates simple and easy. The user interface is also easy-to-use and thus can be used even by the non-professionals. You need not to have any HTML codes for the templates editing. Choose the best template for your business newsletters to get more subscribers.

Landing Page Builder

With the purchase of GetResponse, the users will also get a landing page builder tool which helps in designing and creating awesome landing pages for the businesses. It also offer the users with 100+ design templates from the which the can choose appropriately for their business.

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Split Testing

GetResponse allow its users to check a single landing page template in 5 different variants, which helps in choosing the best variant which the users will love. The users can simply apply the variant on their business website landing page.


GetResponse comes with a spam checking tool, SpamCop which helps in checking the words which the users writes in their newsletters, which might be blocked in the subscriber’s mail by the spam filters. You can easily use this tool for correcting the words in the newsletter so that it reaches in the inbox of your subscribers.

Inbox Preview Tool

The Inbox Preview tool help the users in previewing their newsletters, how they will look in Outlook or Gmail. It is one of the most significant way of checking all the flaws as well as correcting them before sending them to the subscribers.

Import the Contacts easily

Using GetResponse makes it easy when it is about importing the contacts which can be imported as spreadsheets. The users can easily import the contacts in one click as excel spreadsheet. It also helps in uploading the new contacts as well through the excel sheet. GetResponse significantly helps in picking up all the contacts from various different sources as well as arrange them in the best possible way.

Video Tutorials

GetResponse ensures that its users can learn easily about the tool and thus, they provide them with FAQ section along with numerous video tutorials. All these videos are accessible through the Learning Centre.


The landing pages, email newsletters as well as the webinar pages created by GetResponse can be easily integrated with all the social media websites and Facebook, Twitter pages. The users just need to add the page or social profile link. Other than this, GetResponse even helps in integrating Google Analytics for getting the exact performance data.

Webinar Tool

GetResponse offer its users with a Webinar tool which help the businesses in conducting the webinar sessions with their clients. The users can even customize the URL of the webinar. Every package has different features and thus the number of webinar invitees depends on the package.

Responsive Design

GetResponse provides highly-responsive templates to its users. It significantly means that all the templates easily adapt the screen size on any browser or on any device.

Interface & Usability

GetResponse has got user-friendly interface which gives an easily navigation to the users through different options. This email marketing tool can be used both by, small-scale and large-scale companies. This tool can be even used by the individuals as well.


The GetResponse feature Auto-Responder helps the businesses in sending a welcome message to all the new subscribers. The users can edit the welcome message as per their requirements and replace it with their own words.

Report Analysis

GetResponse get the complete report of the landing page and email newsletter performance and all the details incdluing the unsubscribes, clicks, top performing links, bounces and other data associated in form of graphs and tables. These reports can be downloaded as well for future references.


When it is about pricing, GetResponse never upsets the users. they have different and affordable packages with different features the package starts from $15 per month with 1000 subscribers followed by $49 per month for adding the webinar tool. The maximum package is for $799 which offer the users to send newsletters to 100,000 email contacts. The pan can be upgraded or downgraded anytime.


GetResponse is an incredible email marketing tool for every business and helps in reaching to the maximum number of visitors or subscribers in no time. It significantly help the businesses with complete promotional and branding activities. With webinars, email newsletters and landing pages, you can’t ask more from this email marketing tool. It has got webinar tool, responsive templates, conferencing options, auto-responders and few other amazing features, which makes it the best choice.