Online reputation has become a decisive factor in the success of any blogger, entrepreneur or business. One of your greatest personal and professional assets is without a doubt your online status, so if you think that you can ever make a career without the help of social media, you are very wrong.

Think about it this way, if you have a business, the only way to help it grow, is to make it known. Brick-and-mortar shops require a lot of time to build a loyal community, and even though they offer an excellent service, the vast majority of customers might never hear of them if they are not given the chance. Furthermore, I can assure you that every person who will ever interview you for a job, will also look you up on Google. It is inevitable.

Social media platforms have become excellent business promoters and reputation accelerators, but sometimes we simply do not have the time to take care of our accounts. It can become very confusing to tackle with Google+, Twitter and Facebook accounts, and this is exactly the reason why you should consider making use of certain tools. This nifty gadgets will make sure that your online reputation remains intact, and that you will also get a chance to sleep and disconnect. Here are a few tools that will help you effectively organize your social media efforts.

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1. HootSuite

1. HootSuite

HootSuite is an excellent tool for monitoring and planning your activity on Twitter. Not only does it monitor search words on Twitter, but it also allows you to take advantage of the peak tweeting hours. In other words, it will help you tweet in the moments were the chances of being re-tweeted, or noticed, are the highest. In addition, HootSuite will also give you access to other social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Myspace. This handy dashboard has a sleek and simple interface, that can be used even by the newbie tweeter. Social media marketing may not be in your DNA, but it seems that dashboards like HootSuite have done a great job in simplifying the efforts of newbies.

2. Technnorati

2. Technorati

I am a blogger, and after blogging for many years, I have realized that it is essential to keep an eye open to how people perceive your work. In this sense, Technorati is an excellent tool which will enable you to monitor the people who are mentioning your posts, articles or blog on different mediums. If data analysis is one of your passions, then Technorati will not disappoint. It comes equipped with amazing statistics and ranking data that will help you better understand how your blog is doing.

3. Social Mention

3. SocialMention

Social Mention is a superb tool to have around, especially if you are extremely active on the internet. It has the possibility of collecting data from a myriad of online mediums. As a result you will receive many useful statistics that will help you perfect your strategy. It can be connected to over 100 social media platforms, simply by downloading the search bar and activating it on your browser. Notifications related to anything that might interest you will start arriving in your e-mail.

In conclusion, there are many platforms that can help you monitor your online activity, and if you want to spare yourself the trouble of having to go through all the notifications manually, you will install them. Not only will they help you spare valuable time, but they can also help you be online, even if you are actually away from the computer.