Here is another free premium blogger template of Making Different. I used this blogger template for when it was on blogger even i used same theme, after moving my blog, blogger to WordPress. but recently, i re-designed this blog for the more batter user experience and facilities but still i love my old theme so much. So, many of our reader requested for Making Different’s old blogger template. and it is here to download for free.

This template was created on 2011 and i modified it with the trendy feature “Responsive” yes ! as you can see in the screenshot below, how it looks in other devices. for the live demo of responsive design you can check on matt kersley’s responsive design test tool [Link]

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Here are some reasons why should you use this responsive blogger template for your blog.
In last 1 year a lot of big as well as small websites are Migrated to responsive web design. There are really some interesting reasons, why they migrated their web design to responsive web design.

As i mentioned above in the very short time, number of websites are migrated to responsive design because of the trend of mobile and tablet devices. for the batter information about the trend of responsive web design, You can read the study case which published by Google with interesting findings [Link]

By migrating your blog/websites to responsive website there are more chances to increase conversions or earnings from ads. more update of increasing earning through responsive design will be published in my new article within the next few weeks but you can read how these 14 brands increased their conversion rates by going from a mobile friendly version to a responsive website.[Link]

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Here is some reason, why responsive design good for SEO

  1. Once, you have published content, so there isn’t risk of getting into duplicate content issues.
  2. Your all efforts on SEO for your desktop version are automatically applicable for mobile version too.
  3. Your optimized version for mobile users, will help you to rank higher on mobile search.
  4. Responsive designs recommended by Google – They always do suggest that having a responsive design is the best practice

After reading above advantages of responsive design i am sure you are thinking to migrate your blog to the responsive design and for that you don’t have to spend a penny because of here is available Making Different’s premium responsive blogger template for you. and definitely free of cost.

Live Demo

Making Different style responsive blogger template

Live Preview

Layout Preview :

Blogger Layout Preview
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Important :
After installing this template to your blog, do not forget to disable mobile template.
To disable mobile template, In your blogger dashboard > Template > Click on gear icon > check “No. Show desktop template on mobile devices. ” and save it.