Here are some links of the different websites where you can watch free horror movies online easily.

Websites listed below, that have awesome collections of horror movies, which you can watch free of cost and one of the best thing in these websites is that you can watch all free horror movies 100% legally. yes ! that mean these all the websites have permission from the movie studios to show on their websites to anyone for free.

In these websites you can find any of horror movies including classic horror movies such as, Nosferatu and Night of the Living Dead to modern day horror movies like The Grudge 3, Resident Evil, and Christine. finding your favorite movies is also too easy using search bar or you can also select movies from the category list according to your need.

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Well, if you are looking for any other free movies online then you should also check this list that i have published earlier about 10 best websites for free movies online there you will be able to see top 10 websites which allows to watch any kind of movies online for free of cost and of course legally.


Hulu – Hulu isn’t any special webisite for the horror movies but also you can find other movies to watch, and for the horror movies they have a great collection of free horror movies and quality of the video is great too. i would like to personally recommended hulu to watch free horror movies online.


Crackle – Crackle is also one of the best website for the movies and they have lots of free horror movies that you can watch for free. and not only horror movies but they also have a lot of other movies and TV shows that are all legal to watch.


classic cinema online – I will recommended classic cinema online if you are looking for classic horror movies, because they have really great collection of classic horror movies that you can watch for free.


public domain torrents – As you can see the name of this website is that public domain torrents “public domain” that mean it’s 100% legal for everyone to watch them for free. and there you will find lots of horror movies to watch and also you can download any of movies from that website legally for your computer or any other devices.


Internet Archive – This is an another best place to watch horror movies online legally and free. there you will be able to see two different pages with full of horror movies.