QR Code is a data representation which is visible only in a machine-readable format. It significantly shows the data of an object to which it is attached and is made of parallel lines with different widths. The QR Codes are quite common as well as popular these days, and even you all might have witnessed the same QR Codes on hoardings, websites, business cards, product boxes, email signatures and much more.

The full form of QR is Quick Response which is a barcode read by special barcode scanners and was initially developed for the automotive industry. We can say that QR code is an enhanced version of universal promotion code (UPC) which is usually found on the products available at the local stores. These bar codes are capable of carrying metadata in large number. So, for decoding the QR code, we have Code Two QR Code Desktop Reader which works flawlessly with a user-friendly and a clean interface.

QR Code

These QR codes are only intended to be read from a hardware, like tablet or a smartphone, but if you don’t have the one, then you will not get to know what it hides. You may have noticed a hardware at shopping complexes or stores for scanning QR codes, but what to do when you want to read QR Codes from a Windows PC?

You really need not to worry at all because we have a Code Two Desktop QR code reader for Windows, which do help in decoding the QR codes from your PC. Using this free application is really simple as users just need to download and install for easy usage. Using this application on your Windows PC, users have two options for reading the code, one is from the QR code downloaded imaged and other directly from the screen.

For reading the QR code through the downloaded image, users need to click on the File button followed by locating the file on the hard drive of the PC. Once, after the process is finished, the image will be directly uploaded to the interface’s central area displaying the decoded text. While selecting the option “from screen”, users need to select the particular area where the QR code is being displayed.

It is a free application which even offers the users with numerous possibilities, including saving the information into a text file as well as copying the information which is decoded to the clipboard and much more. It even allows the users to click pictures of the QR codes available on magazines or on any hoardings or gifts and directly upload the same to the application for decoding it.