No matter what it is that you’re passionate or knowledgeable about, starting a blog can be a fantastic hobby and a great way of earning some extra income. In fact, many bloggers today do so as a full-time job. With many different methods available to monetize a blog, it’s entirely possible to turn your passion into your main means of making a living.

However, for many new bloggers who are just starting out, navigating the ever-growing competition can certainly be a challenge. Not only are you up against the established bloggers and influencers out there who’ve been making a name for themselves for years, you also need to be aware of new bloggers with the resources and means to overtake you. So, how can you help yourself be in with the best chance of blogging success? A mentor may be able to help.


#1. Understand the Industry:

Blogging covers a huge range of industries, from parenting to technology, to student life, politics, health and animals. The niche and topics that you choose for your blog is entirely up to you; ideally, you should choose something that you are already passionate about and have quite a lot of knowledge on as this will make it much easier for you to write informative, interesting blog posts that your followers will love to read.

With an experienced mentor by your side, however, you can learn even more about your chosen niche. However, what’s more, is that you’ll be able to learn more about the blogging industry, for example, about different methods of monetizing your blog and how to use social media to gain more followers. Marketing your blog is a mammoth task; that’s why experienced mentors like Tai Lopez are advocates for marketing mentors in all niches.

#2. Take Advantage of Networking Opportunities:

When you become a blogger, it’s just as much about who you know as it is about what you know. Whilst a strong knowledge and understanding of your niche is always a good thing, it’s also important to make good connections in the blogging industry to strengthen your online presence and earn a good reputation thanks to the people that you are associated with. When you choose a mentor to help you get your blog off the ground, it’s important to find somebody who is well-connected and able to put you in touch with other experienced bloggers and influencers, marketers, and entrepreneurs who can offer advice or support in many different forms.

#3. Get a Head Start:

Bloggers who are just starting out with their new career often find that it’s a case of learning from their mistakes as they try and become more successful. Depending on the amount of prior knowledge and skill that you have, this could take anything from weeks to months to even years! Having a mentor can help you bypass the whole ‘trial and error’ side of running a blog; they’ll be able to tell you from their own experience what does and doesn’t work well, guiding you to make the best decisions and helping you to achieve success at a faster rate.

#4. Get a Fresh Perspective:

If you’ve been running your blog for a while and seem to be going nowhere with it, then it can help to get a fresh perspective. A mentor will be able to independently review your blog, and will likely be able to pick up on several things that you may not have realized were contributing to things going wrong.

Blogging can be a great hobby and an even better way of making an income. To get the best results from your blog, hire an experienced mentor to help you out!