The end of every relationship is quite really painful because agree or disagree; it does come with confrontation with which a person needs to fight through. It is really hard to move on even after losing interest in your partner because it is a fact that they were once the integral part of your life. More complications are being added to the miserable feeling when you see your ex moved on with his/her new romantic experiences. It is really a stressful time for which you need some tips to cope up with.

No matter it’s been weeks or months or years, you will always cherish the moments you spend with your ex and sometimes even wish to be still there in their arms but it’s high time to take some serious actions to forget your ex. First thing is to cut all your ties with your ex, whether your friendship with his/her friends or with any of his family member. Moreover, you even need to learn how to stop comparing every person with your ex. Break-Up are actually the emotional fallout of a person which slowly ruins the future years of a person. Before moving forward with how to forget your ex and move on, I would like you tell you about my break-up and how I reacted to the same.

No matter through which failed relationship you went, it hurts us more than any physical wound. Like you all, even I have also had a break-up few years back and frankly when it happened, I thought that what a fool I was and even hated myself to be fooled by a person whom I loved from the bottom of my heart. I was filled with anger, so much that I just wanted to lash out and slap anyone to feel that yes, I can fight back. I was mentally tortured and literally cried myself to sleep at nights. I couldn’t really help myself but burst into tears every time I listened to those romantic love songs. Despite I wanted to be myself, I even wanted to move on and forget my ex. Every morning, I woke up remembering him because there were endless memories with him. I was just going crazy in a thought of avoiding him and then I realized that I need to do something more to move on. Luckily, I was successful and would like to share the same about what I did with you all and I am sure that it would help you all too.


Ways to forget your EX


Accept that your relationship is over and don’t think upon it anxiously: If you feel hurt, mad and upset about your break-up, then it’s quite normal especially when you know that your lover ditched you. You need not to let yourself because it will leave you mad for a long time. If you prefer to stay upset then it will only stress you up and eventually you will start feeling that your world is really a small one.

You have to accept to the fact that your relationship is finally over. If you will pick up the pieces of your past and relationship, it will only hurt you. ACCEPTANCE is the very first step when you try to move on forgetting your ex. After accepting the same, don’t think about it anxiously and don’t overanalyze the same. If you will think about what-have-beens or what-ifs, then you would hurt yourself.

Believe me; it made me feel worse about my life when I did it. Yes, off course it is little difficult to avoid thinking about him or her, but it is not at all impossible.

Just lash out your feelings on a paper and believe me that all the negative thoughts and feelings will slowly leave your body and just stick to the paper. Believe it or not, I still have those papers and after four long years, I laugh my heart out to those paper chits which says that How can be one so stupid. LOL!


Let it go!: Letting it go is not that easy as it seems to be but is the crucial as well as the most difficult phase to cross over with so many memories filled in our heart. Yes, it would be hard because you gave your precious time, tears and put in a lot of effort to build those memories and lost that relationship in just one moment.

Nevertheless, you need to think about yourself too. You need to value and respect yourself rather than a person who left you. If you will cling to your past, then it would mean that you need a special person who can make you complete as a whole. Believe me, you need a better person. You should not hold to a person who don’t see your value because it will not going to work.

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Let yourself be social and active: I respect your feeling to be alone for the moment as I felt the same too. Yes, everyone deserves a little time to spend with their own selves and even you can spend little time with yourself. But remember, when a person is alone, he or she always thinks and overdo the same. You need to move on, so skip over the idea.

I advice you not to stay alone for a long time and rather go outside, enjoy yourself and set yourself free. It’s time to socialize with your friends with whom you didn’t even spent time because of your stupid ex. Plan out trips with your family and friends which will definitely going to remind you about your world where you once lived. Remember that you once lived without your ex and enjoyed your life without him or her, so when they are gone you still have a life of your own and it’s not over yet. So enjoy!


Avoid looking back and imagine What-if: No matter how hard you try out but once after your break-up, your relationship would not have been the same again. There is a reason behind your unsuccessful relation and there is a rare chance that it would work the second time. If you both broke up due to differences between you both or because of cheating, then I advice you to think twice for getting involved again.

It’s time to look within yourself and be honest to accept the person again only if you think you still trust him or her. While accepting a person who cheated on you, you need to be really careful because if he or she can cheat you once, then why not again. What I am actually trying to explain is that don’t look back onto your past relationship which you broke. You have more possibilities to have a better person and life with fewer worries.


Improve yourself and make new memories: For moving on with your ex, you need to create new memories. For instance, point out a new spot where you have never been with your ex or plan out with your friends and family to the same place where you both once went together. Try out something different which you never did with him or her. By creating new memories, you would be able to overcome the thoughts of your ex easily. So, now you are single and it’s the best time to focus on yourself. Your time and money is all yours, so it’s time to be pampered. Improving yourself will give you self-confidence which will give you certain balance and makes you feel good.

So, this is how to forget your ex and move on. I even changed my lifestyle and started looking for only good things in me. I really helped myself to move on by making myself special as well as worth to give a second chance to love again. The only one ultimate way to move on in your life after your break-up is to LOVE AGAIN. Find a person who can help you grow more mature and inspire you to live your life. This is actually what I did to overcome the memories of my ex and move on with my life. I was able to get over and yes you also can because it’s not the end friends, it is just the BEGINNING.