It is necessary to increase twitter followers if you are twitter user. By increasing twitter followers, you will get more re-tweets and more mentions and ever more traffic to your website or blog. To make it more funnier and active, There is one plugin named Flying twitter birds in WordPress plugin directory.

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This plugin is very unique and can increase your twitter followers instantly if you will use it. Main function of this plugin is to show twitter bird that can fly throughout the page. it has feature that it will not fly anywhere else but will follow you. It will come an sit in front of you every time.

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It also has hover effect. If you will move your mouse on that flying bird, you will be asked to follow us and to tweet also. Not only one bird but there are many types of characters and all of them can fly throughout the page. They all have different different types of hover effects.

You can see live demo on and you can also use it by just downloading and installing it in your WordPress blog. It is JavaScript based animated effect on birds. Following are the birds that are available with this great plugin.

Flying Twitter Bird Plugin for WordPress

You can see that there are 7 types of different characters and they all can migrate through webpage.

It is very easy to use plugin. After installing this plugin, you have to setup this plugin to work perfectly on your blog. For that, you have to enter your twitter username without @ and second thing is to enter the text to be twitted when it is clicked. You can enter your site heading and site links to get visitors when they tweet regarding your site.

We can say that by this way, there are more chances to get good number of visitors because visitors will find this interesting and they will tweet about you and also they will follow you on twitter.

By using this plugin, you will see the increase in your twitter followers. This plugin has only useful code. there is no waste or unused code or say garbage code in this plugin and follows all the standard of the languages by which this is created so there are no chances of errors in it.

If you face any error with this plugin or have any question related to this plugin then you can contact us