So, finally she said yes to go out for a date with you. It’s a special moment, and not only you, but even your girl is looking forward to your first date. It is obvious that you really want her to think that you are witty as well as charming at the end of your first date with her and apart from all; you both had a good time. If you are really drawn towards her beauty, then it’s perfect time to flirt with her on your first date. Flirting simply signals that “Yes, I am interested in you” and if you are learning that how to flirt with a girl then it’s a lot more fun too.

Ask yourself a question that “Is it easy to flirt?” the basic answer significantly depends on your effort to put in during the whole process. Those men are smart who really try their hands on improving their social life and just need to follow some tips to flirt on their first date success. It is pretty obvious that men always wish to seriously flirt with girls out with them, but they never end up flirting seriously. In simpler words, I can say that flirting is just to make a romantic comedy video between the two which expresses an opposition to the melodrama.

Greet with a flower bouquet or a gift

You need to greet your girl with a flower bouquet or even you can greet with one flower in order to set the surprise element as well as romantic interest which might impress your girl. You can even see her face lighting up when you present her a bouquet or a gift with a warm and thoughtful gesture.

Look at her and smile

Smile while looking at her which will let her shine while making eye contacts. Look at her and give genuine smile and shows your interest while she speaks.

Make physical gestures

In order to show your flirty side, make some physical gestures with your girl. You can briefly hold her elbow for guiding her or while walking along the sidewalk. You can even reach out from moving her hair tendril and compliment her for her unique hairstyle and colour.

Speak in a normal voice

Don’t speak neither in fierce or unruly voice, nor even in soft but keep it gentle. While conversing with her, you can lean in close almost touching each other’s shoulders or heads to give a little flirty feeling.

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Scoot your chair and gently touch her

If she welcomes you, you can scoot your chair closer to hers and rub your little hand over her back for a little while. You can even drape your arm and gently rub your fingertips within 10-20 second intervals or even can hold your hand with intimate gestures.

Show confidence

You need to be confident enough, while conversing with her about your aims in life without showing off and just casually mention all the things which can easily demonstrate your future goals as well as leadership skills. You also need to focus on her aspirations too, so ask her because it might be possible that you both share passions which can lead to actual passion.

You are not an exception if you thought of flirting with a girl on your first date because most of the men dream of doing the same. Don’t worry if you really suck while flirting with girls because it simply means that you need practice. Keep these tips in mind which might help you to flirt with a girl on a first date. If you are consistent with flirting with girls it will become a lot easier because the more you practice, the better comes out.