Before this fixed sticky bar with auto scrolling recent posts widget, a stickybar navigation or scroll bar was introduced. And it was even accepted by all the users. But after this they desired to have a fixed or an ideal sticky bar which is equipped with close button or hide button. For this reason this fixed widget was introduced. But as each individual has their own likes and dislikes, many people do not wish to see or enjoy viewing that fixed or irremovable bar. So for the convenience of such users this widget is provided with the functionality which would allow to hide or close this bar. This widget appears on the top of your blog page. This widget is useful as this shows the recent posts of your blog and you can even gets like for those recent posts. This simplifies users work as he need search for older posts and waste his valuable time. So here are the steps to how to add this widget to your blog.

How to add this widget to blogger?

STEP : 1 Adding jQuery Plugin.
As always, it is jQuery based widget, and your blog must have the jQuery plugin. if your blog already have a latest jQuery plugin, then Ignore this step and directly follow the Second step.
If not add the below snippet code before </head> tag

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Step : 2 Add to Blogger

  1. Click on “Widget Generator” button below.
  2. Input your valid site/blog URL
  3. Customize settings as you need
  4. Click on Generate button to get widget code, and add it to your blog ( Learn : How to Add Widget OR Gadget to blogger )