Are you using an iPhone for the first time? Well! Then you might get confused regarding many things. In an iPhone many things can go wrong if not learnt properly. One of the most common problem faced by almost every iPhone user is the iPhone stuck in the recovery mode. Do you know why this happens? It happens due to any update or a jailbreak attempt which sometimes goes wrong. Whatever it is, let’s come to the point. Here we have got you an easy solution to fix your iPhone stuck in recovery mode. Yes! With the dr.fone – iOS System Recovery Software, you can now fix your iPhone easily.


How does an iPhone get stuck in the recovery mode?

Before we start with how to fix, we should know what makes an iPhone get stuck in the recovery mode. Well! There are many reasons behind an iPhone getting stuck in the restore mode. Here are some of the commonly identified issues:

#1. One of the most common reason behind the iPhone stuck in the restore mode is the spillage of water. The spillage if water can cause hardware damage and hence your iPhone may stuck in the recovery mode.

#2. Another most common reason behind the iPhone stuck in the restore mode is due to a software update or the latest iOS software update which sometime cause this issue if done in a wrong way.

#3. Sometimes, while trying to fix a small issue and when you get back you found the error message showing on your Home-screen.

#4. Another probable reason behind the iPhone stuck in the recovery mode is due to jailbreak. While you tried to jailbreak few apps that went terribly wrong may cause this issue.

How to fix iPhone stuck in recovery mode? (Step by Step Guide)

One of the best possible way to fix your iPhone stuck in the restore mode is by the help of an iOS system recovery software and nothing can be better than dr.fone. It allows you to recover your iPhone just by following few simple and easy steps. Now without further let us know how to use the dr.fone iOS system restore mode.

Step 1: The very first step that you need to do is to download the recovery app on your desktop and install it afterwards. Once installation is done, you need to launch the process. Click on the ‘More Tools’ button, and then select the “iOS System Recovery” option. Once done, now you need to connect your PC with your iPhone via USB cable. Now the program will automatically detect the device and then click on the “Start” button to continue with the process.

Step 2: A firmware is necessary when it comes to the fixing of an iPhone stuck in the recovery mode. However, Dr Fone in this case is very much efficient as it already knows which firmware is needed for your device. You only need to click on the Download button in order to allow the the downloading of the software.

Step 3: The download process will start off within few seconds and it should get completed within a short span of time.

Step 4: Now that your Dr Fone software is downloaded, it will instantly start with the repairing of the iPhone. However, this process may take upto 10 minutes. No worries! As you will be notified once the process is completed. You need to then restart your iPhone in the “Normal Mode”.

What are the Features of the Dr. Fone iOS System Recovery Software?

The Dr. Fone software does have a lot of features that might get handy when you are in a trouble with your iPhone. It is always safe to use Dr. Fone than any other app available in the market because it takes your iPhone out of the restore mode without the loss of data. Let us check out the other features of the Dr. Fone iOS System Restore software.

  • It is 100% secure and you can use it without any hassle.
  • The Dr. Fone software helps to Fix iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode without Data Loss.
  • With the help of this system recovery software you can easily fix your iPhone or iOS to Normal at home without any professional help.
  • This system restore software works great with the iPad, iPhone and as well the iPod touch.
  • It can recover the iOS system from any kind of issues.

Why to Choose the Dr. Fone System Recovery Software?

The main reason behind choosing the dr.fone – iOS System Recovery Software is that it can fix your iOS system without the loss of data present. While comparing with the other softwares such as the iTunes, it has been found that dr. one toolkit can recover your iPhone without the risk of losing any data or settings on your iPad, iPhone etc.


If you are looking for a software that can help you in fixing your iPhone stuck in recovery mode, then nothing can be better than the Dr.Fone iOS System Restore Software. So what makes you wait more? Go and fix your iOS now.