Finding broken links of a blog and fix it asap is a important for all blogger and their blog health. However, mostly, it happens when you move your domain name to another name. but sometime by mistakenly you placed wrong URLs of your blog and/or blog post while commenting on others blog posts or anywhere in the web. then whenever anyone click on that link then it will redirect them to 404 error not found page. it is also harmful to your blog SEO (Search Engine Optimization) if you are running a blog then you should know about SEO. let me explain how broken link can down your blog in search engine. Google spider regular crawling web pages to get updated your blog ranking on Google search but if your blog has a broken link then it will disturb spider to crawling your blog / blog post. it called crawl error. So, if your blog has too many broken links then i recommended you to fix it as soon as possible to improve your blog site’s SEO.

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First thing you need to do is that go this [Link] and enter your link on the input box, and then click on the “Go“.

Now, you will be redirect to the new page and there you will see the site links details. where you can see the details about your blog’s such as Overview, Duplicate content, Broken links, Skipped pages. for seeing broken link click on the tab broken links and look for which link of your blog is broken.

Broken LInksNow, you can check and edit broken link right from broken link page. or you can edit the post they belong to.

WordPress Plugin :

If your blog on WordPress platform then you have a great option to fix broken link of your blog. There is a plugin calledBroken Link Checker that you have to install the plugin to your blog and active it. after activating the plugin, The plugin will look for broken link of your site. it will take sometime in processing and then it will display the results. Once it is done, you will see a numbers of broken links.

Now, go to Tools > Broken Links, It will display all links it found like this :

You can edit a URL right from broken links page, or you can edit the post they belong to. Alternately you can also perform bulk actions like Unlinking all broken links, fix redirects, mark as not broken, etc.

Once you are done fixing the broken links, you can simply disable the plugin.