As a result of some issues in licensing of certain video playback codec files, the very popular MX Player has removed the support for such codec files from their app recently. The removed codec files from the list of supported codec files include MLP, AC3, DTS etc.

Which means that if you play any video file using the MX Player that has an audio file in the AC3 format, then you will get the error message that goes like, “Error! Audio Format (AC3) is not supported”. In such scenarios, the video file will play in the MX Player without any issues, but the audio file accompanying the video file will not be able to play.

If you thought that you will now need to uninstall the MX Player and go for any of its alternatives, as the support for many codec files has now been removed, do not worry. You don’t have to uninstall the MX Player for this issue, as this is a simple issue indeed and fixing this error for the MX Player will hardly take 2 minutes of your time.

As said above, when you receive some kind of codec file related error in the MX Player application, it means that the codec file needed to playback the file is not present in the MX Player application. And all that you need to do is to download the codec file that the application needs in order to playback the file normally.


Easiest Way to Fix the AC3 Audio Format Not Supported Error in MX Player:

If you are in search for the easiest possible way in order to fix the AC3 audio format not supported error for the MX Player, then today we are here with a detailed guide that will take you out of this issue. Follow the guide given below in order to solve the issue that your are facing with the MX Player app.

  1. Launch the MX Player application.
  2. Then from the Main Menu of the application, click on the “Settings” option.
  3. Next, choose the “Decoder” option.
  4. Now scroll down until you find the “Custom codec” option.
  5. Under the “Custom Codec” title you will find the codec that is required by your MX Player app. All you need is to download the custom codec as seen above for your MX Player to solve the error issues related to the AC3 Audio Format.
  6. Before you download the custom codec for your MX Player app, make sure to note down the version of the MX Player app installed on your device as well.
  7. Click here to download the custom codec as seen on your version of the MX Player app.
  8. After downloading the custom codec on your device, launch the MX Player again.
  9. The MX Player will now auto-detect the codec if compatible and then will install it.

And now you have easily solved the codec issue faced by the MX Player app installed on your device. Hope this fix helped you solve the issue.