We all know one. That slightly off-centre, odd ball friend or family member who’s idiosyncratic personality leads to ever more eccentric anecdotes and increasingly unfunny stories. And of course, the modern age demands that such a singular personality requires equally unique seasonal gifts. Here then, we take a look at some of the quirkier gadgets on offer this Christmas.

Five Weird Gadgets for the Lovable Christmas Weirdo


LCD Belt Buckle : For the weirdo who likes to keep his trousers up but enjoys drawing the kind of attention that resides a little further below the belt – then the LCD Belt Buckle from Egokast is the perfect gift. The 3-inch screen allows you to insert an SD card and enjoy full colour video playback wherever your legs can carry you. Lets just hope it’s the only 3-inch on offer.


TrewGrip Keyboard : Bored with traditional typing? Sick of conventional keyboards? Then the Trewgrip QWERTY is the perfect solution to your ever more outlandish mobile computing needs. With space at the front to hold your iOS or Android device, and keys on the back nestled within the hand grips on either side, the Trewgrip is aiming to radically change the way you type. The company even claims your typing speed will improve – once you’ve got the hang of it of course.


ChefJet 3D Food Printer : You’re probably going to need to take a small loan from the likes of K24 for this one. At $3,500, it’s not cheap, but it will print whatever you desire in beauftiful crystalline sugar. That’s right, any shape you can think of could be printed with this magical machine – perfect for advanced bakers looking to get ahead of the game!

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Salt Water Powered Robot : A great choice if you’re anywhere near the ocean, this self-build, salt water powered robot is great fun and environmentally friendly at the same time. Great for kids and adults alike, and even better at Christmas when your weird friend/family member has out-stayed their welcome – simply send them home with their new mechanical mate.


Yellow Jacket iPhone Taser Case : Not so much weird as simply shocking – literally. The Yellow Jacket, as the name implies, is an iPhone case that delivers a 650,000 volt sting to any undesirables who happen to meet its business end. With up to 9 hours stand by time, this one could be a valuable weapon for self defence; or alternatively a cheap trick to play on your undeserving friends.