First Date with your Girlfriend/boyfriend is very important day in life. So you should look very glowly and handsome on First Date. Main point In first date is that don’t be nervous on first date with your girlfriend/boyfriend. And so many other things too do on first date which i am going to describe here. So here are some things to do on first date.



Prepare for Date
First main thing in first date that you should plan some good Surprise for your girlfriend/boyfriend. and look clean, and Fit so first step is to Prepare yourself with good clothes, bathing and perfumes etc. and get some information about your girlfriend like favourite food, colour, things, hobbies etc. And if you are planning to go on date with bike or Car then Don’t forget to clean it too. So after prepare yourself your next step is to be confident.


Be Confident
After prepare your plans, next step is to be confident and don’t be shy. In most cases people shy in first date which cause wrong impression on partner. So main thing is to be confident and never shy. talk with confident way and while talking just look at her eyes. And Talk with proper ways with your Girlfriend/boyfriend


In your first date you should smile, but don’t smile always. Always smiling people’s are looking good in Happy conditions so don’t be always look like Gentle man. Just smile and talk with confident.


Respect Her
Respect others is main thing in life. Polite words makes our life easy we all knows so don’t talk with angry and be talk in polite way with your partner. use words like sorry, thanks etc. And don’t be angry a little bit on her. If she do so then cool down and don’t fight.


Turning off Your Phone
While in date you must turn off your phone because it’s so disturbing when other people calling you in date. Some times it may also cause some miss understanding and break up too. So Turning your smart phone off is very important way. And if some important calls should arrive then you must turn phone on but don’t use too much phone.


Don’t drink
You must not drink alcohol while going to date because most Girls don’t like that her partner will drink. So drinking alcohol will be not so good. If you are addicted to alcohol then drink in small quantity not too much higher.


Ask Questions and Answer
While in date Ask some questions about her Daily time table, family etc. And if she questions some things then answer it correctly, don’t lie because girls don’t like that partners who tells lie all days.


Show your intelligence
If you are Planning to out at first date then plan something good and Show your skills like dance, music, technology etc. Talk about your main skills but don’t talk too much and don’t give a lecture. So talk small and talk good. Showing your skills in first date will be Do a good impression on her.


Pay For Things
If you are guy then you must pay for Things, if your girlfriend asking that she wants to pay, then smile and don’t let her pay. It’s better that you should pay for dinner and don’t be cheap. take her out at cinema, public places etc. Buy good things for her and give her gifts and ask for some food which she likes.


Kiss Her, if possible
At your first date do some romance, but don’t so too much high. And don’t be cheap. If she is in romantic mode then take her to a romantic place like cinemas etc. you can kiss her and make your first date more rememberable.

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This was main things and some tips for Your first date. Read carefully every line and be ready for your first date, always plan to go at outside places at your first date, and don’t forget to wish your girlfriend/boyfriend.Good Luck