Franchises are an excellent way for new business owners to learn more about the business world and make money of their own before working on an idea of their own. These companies let individuals buy the right to use the name of the head company. Most franchise owners receive a large amount of training upfront that teaches them how to open that company, how to get new customers and what to do to retain existing customers. Before you waste money on a franchise that doesn’t fit well with your community, find out more about the fastest growing franchises in the United States today.

The Fastest Growing Franchises in the United States
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Subway : Subway topped the list of fastest growing franchises for several years in a row. Though it dropped down the list in more recent years, it made it back to the top in 2014. Built on the idea of giving customers the food they wanted and the chance to customize their salads and sandwiches, Subway bills itself as a healthier alternative to fast food. Franchise owners can buy a Subway shop and open it in an existing building, strip mall or shopping mall, or they can construct a building for their business.


Tim Hortons Cafe and Bake Shop : Tim Hortons Cafe and Bake Shop, better known as simply Tim Hortons, is a line of restaurants that specializes in doughnuts and coffee. Founded in the 1960s, the chain became a part of Wendy’s in the 1990s, which resulted in new restaurants opening with both a Tim Hortons and a Wendy’s inside. Wendy’s later sold off much of its interest in that company, and many of the Tim Hortons today belong to franchise holders. Tim Hortons does a smart job of providing franchise holders with doughnuts and other products that they can freeze and bake or cook when needed, which keeps dishes consistent between restaurants.


Healthier Vending 4 U : The founder of Healthier Vending 4 U launched his company after noticing the lack of healthy options in vending machines. His machines have a lower level that stores bottled water, fruit and vegetable juices and other healthy drinks at a cold temperature. The top of each machine contains granola bars, chips, popcorn, pretzels and other snacks that have less fat, calories and sugar. One of the benefits of investing in this company is that the start up costs are low. You simply need to buy one or more of the vending machines, find places to store those machines and stock each one with snacks.

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7-Eleven : It wasn’t that long ago that you could find a 7-Eleven on nearly every street corner in America. The company went through some problems that led to more than 1,400 of these convenience stores closing down. According to SukantoTanoto, every year since 2010, the number of 7-Eleven stores rose. Investing in this franchise is a little expensive, but the company gives franchise holders the right to take over existing retail and convenience store spaces, which helps bring down the cost.

The top franchises in the country now include restaurants, a vending machine company and a convenience store. The investment that you need to make varies based on which one you choose, but each of those opportunities offers you the chance to make six figures or more as a new business owner.