The war between fashion and style is from long time. Although, both the categories are related to fashion world and walk simultaneously still these are always on rivalry. For some fashion lovers ‘Fashion fades, style is eternal’, while for some of them, fashion is preferred. Many people can be noticed arguing over the meaning of fashion and style.

Fashion VS Style

For some people style is the synonym of fashion, but comparing the two is like comparing original with clone. They are related to one another but not are same. Fashion is a kind of social agreement on what we people should wear. It is based on latest discoveries in fashion world. Which cloth will be matched with other attire, depends on the fashion of that time. In general, fashion is a promotion of current lifestyle. It is not necessary that every person has to follow it. If someone is not comfortable with current fashion, he/she can leave it.

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Style is different from fashion. It’s all about a person’s personality. Style is not dependent and afraid of fashion. It’s about representing it is even more effective way. A fashion lover, who adopts the latest trends, modifies it in his own way and fascinates other, is known as stylish person.

Style can be uttered by the clothes that dole out as the backbone of all personal styles. If style is considered as an art, then attire are its colors. Like any other art, the clothes in style are used to create a tale, which consist everything the wearer. The story which is about individuality and self-confidence! Style doesn’t need lots of clothes and accessories. A simple t-shirt and jeans with contracting colors can be style of a person.
Even seeing the later cases, fashion is not considered lesser than style. Fashion is the fundamental cause of which style is invented. Still, lots of people go with the fashion. it’s not about the clothes itself but instead the intentions of the wearer and, essentially, what they are meant to convey.

Fashion needs complete facts of style’s morals. Fashion is stunning, creative, and diverse, still this is only destined to be compassionate and stirring. On the other side, style is meant to showcase a person’s character, ethics, and feelings. On the other side, it forms expressive art which can be communicated daily.

Overall, both are not to regarded as same; fashion comes & goes, but style will forever be what style is.