There are a staggeringly HUGE number of phones on the market today. You are very spoilt for choice when you’re online at Unique Mobiles, trying to decide between the latest iPhone or the latest Samsung mobile phone. It’s a big decision because (theoretically) you’re going to have this phone with you for basically your every waking and sleeping hour for the next two years. That is unless you smash it, drop it, flush it down the toilet or otherwise destroy it in some manner, which, let’s face it, we’ve all done at some point or another. There’s really no worse feeling than dropping your phone, only to see it cracked and smashed when you bring it back up to you. Regardless, let’s take a look at some of the most important things to consider when you’re thinking of buying a new mobile phone.

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Screen size: This is an important part of buying a new phone – and some might argue – the most important thing about buying a new phone – as it’s going to dictate how functional your phone is for watching movies, reading emails, playing games and enjoying social media. If you use your phone primarily for making calls and sending text messages, then the size of your phone’s screen is probably not going to matter too much to you, but if you’re always on Instagram and checking out websites then the size is going to be of huge importance to you. Some good examples for larger screen phones are the latest offerings from iPhone, Samsung and other kinds of smart phone retailers.

Functionality: How your phone is used and how it works is important to consider for a number of reasons – as it’s going to impact on how you interact with your device. If you have a clunky phone with buttons in odd places or if you’re used to an iPhone and switch to a Samsung, then you might find it’s a bit difficult to switch your style of using the device. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t change to a different phone, just be aware of the potential learning curve.

Operating system: Apple has a certain operating system, Nokia has a certain operating system and Samsung has a certain operating system. Each of these hold a certain set of parameters for their operation and each works in a slightly different manner, so it’s important to be aware that some are better geared for emails and internet, and some are better for photos etc. With a bit of tweaking, it’s easy to make any phone do as you want, but it’s nice to know beforehand too.

Camera size: The keen photographers amongst us will be aware of how important it is to have a great camera on us at all times for those excellent photo opportunities that present themselves at times. Thankfully, with the advent of phone camera technology, it’s now possible to take SLR-grade photos (almost) with just the phone in your pocket. So if you’re an amateur snapper, it’s a good thing to consider.

Durability: Ever dropped your phone? Yeah, me too. Some phones are notoriously bad for broken screens (ahem, iPhone, cough cough) so if you’re the fumbling clumsy type, you should think about how much time your phone spends sailing through the air and landing on the ground and buying accordingly.

Well, hopefully this short guide of the things to consider when buying a new mobile phone will prove helpful for you when you’re next thinking about making a purchase. After all, take the time to make a good decision now and you’re going to find that you’re a lot happier with your phone in a few months (and hopefully a few years) time.