Who are your Facebook Top friends? Facebook top friends mean the people you also know in real life, or maybe they are people you work with. or maybe the people you most chat with. but really you know who are your Facebook top friends? Now, it is easier to find out top Facebook friends and create a list of top Facebook friends that you can also share as publicly on your Facebook timeline / wall. There is an application which allows users to find out top 10 Facebook friends and gives ability to share on Facebook within a single click.

Facebook Top Friends Finder Tool

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To share Top 10 Facebook friends List on your Facebook timeline, You will have to add Facebook top friends application to your Facebook profile. Once you added the application to your Facebook profile, it will redirect you to its official website where you can generate your top 10 Facebook friends list. It also allow you to see preview before share on your Facebook timeline. After that if you think it is correct list for your top 10 Facebook friends, then you can click on share button to share it with your all friends on Facebook to show who are your top friends on Facebook.