Expressing the birthday wishes for people has never been easy. People are even busy in their own personal lives and hardly get time to wish people on their birthday by meeting them. There are numerous websites which offer beautiful birthday wishes and quotes, which you can use for wishing your friends. If you are tired of replying to every birthday post on your Facebook profile or on WhatsApp, then you can simply say Thanks to Everyone on Facebook with a single click. Saying Thank You for all the wishes from your loved ones on your special day shows that you really appreciate their effort.

Saying Thank You for all the birthday wishes shows your etiquettes, but if you have received few wishes from your loved ones, then you must opt for personal thank you, as it would seem to be more meaningful and personal. But do you know how to say thanks to your Facebook friends for your birthday wishes? No?

Facebook has come up with an interesting way of reminding us to thank our friends for the birthday wishes we received from them. Yes. Facebook reminds us to thank you to all those who wished us on our special day. Now, all the Facebook users will see the following message in their status update box:

“We hope you had a great birthday! Want to thank your friends for their birthday wishes? Add to a new post.”


This message would appear the next day of your birthday. But, when you will click on the “add to a new post”, then the status update box would be blank. You can see a feeling tag “feeling thankful” in the status box.


I always do feel uncomfortable when I think about outpouring appreciation for all the birthday wishes, which I receive from my loved ones. A birthday is a special day, when anyone posts on your wall, whether you are connected personally or professionally. So, it is a little tiring to comment on all the posts and thus, Facebook has made it easy for you by adding a “feeling thankful” tag on it. It even helps you in reminding that you do have to say Thank You to all who wished you on your special day.

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Saying Thank You is really important because, in this era, every person is busy in their own lives and only a minute spend on you means that you are really lucky. And if you feel that, then in return, you also have to appreciate their effort to make them feel their importance in your life and how their wish is special for you.
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