Ever thought of adding Facebook Messenger stickers to your Facebook comments? If yes, then now you can add them very easily. Yesterday, Facebook started rolling out their support to add Messenger stickers in the comments on posts. Users can’t post stickers on the page’s post. This feature works with both mobiles as well as desktops.

If you want to post stickers in some comments of yours, then go to any of your friend’s post or any random post in a group. Right there in the comment box, you will get to see a smiley face adjacent to the camera icon. Click on the same and decide which sticker you want to post. Unlike messages, your stickers don’t accompany any text messages.

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Stickers and smiley’s are just a delightful way of communicating with friends. FaceStickers-comments-in-facebookbook brought them across this huge social networking platform. The stickers which are available on Facebook are cute and used to spice up the conversations. When these stickers were introduced was regarded as the louder and brighter cousin of Emoji.

Though sometimes these stickers seem to be silly and off course they are to some extent. But still they allow users to express their way of talking and tone unlike in the text format. Many people make sarcastic comments on posts so at that particular time these stickers can help in diffusing the whole situation.

Smiley’s and stickers help users to engage themselves in conversations easily through their mobile phones where they can easily sum up the whole conversation with a picture. On the other hand, enabling the feature to post stickers in comments might make scrolling longer threads which is actually time-consuming.