Facebook recently started rolling out their new feature for groups which is “Sell”. The feature was first tested back in the December of 2014 and then decided on to become an integral part of Facebook groups. Now, people who sell their stuff or services online via Facebook groups can list their items in a Facebook group to what they would do on eBay. They will now be able to set all the basic information such as price, type, condition, type and shipping details in a more sophisticated manner.

There are countless Facebook groups out their where I believe hundreds of millions of dollars are transacted per annum. People are selling their pillow covers and bed sheets to cars in tens of millions of FB Groups active today. Some people such as web designers and content writers are also fairly active in selling their service and claiming clients. In a nutshell, “For Sale” groups are some of the most active ones and comprise a large pile of total groups available on the social network. So, Facebook has tried to bring the “Buying and Selling” experience online this time, it’s quite convenient now. The Facebook was an unorganized craigslist but now everything will be done with care.

How they used to sell and how they will sell now

Facebook Sell Something Feature in Group

Sellers were uploading photos of their products and using simple text posts to put forward all the details of their items and quite obviously they missed certain important points which they had to put in comments when the buyers asked. Now with Facebook Selling feature, sellers will be able to fill out all the necessary information and save the headache of replying to every buyer enquiry via chat or comments. The Sell feature also comes to the rescue of the admins that were previously deleting active threads and letting the spammy and old threads stay active.

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How does it benefit the buyer?

This feature will benefit the buyer a lot because previously when a certain thread remained active no matter if the comments were simply dumb questions or explanatory answers, it stayed on top of the feeds and new listed items got lesser traction. This new feature will allow the “For Sale” groups to get more organized and give every item and service equal opportunity in terms of traction.

Now the buyers will not have to enquire the seller if the product is still available or not, the “Available” or “Sold” labels will do the job. This saves time of admins as well, they will no longer require to delete inactive threads in order to make space for new ones. The seller will also not be required to declare “Sold” or “Still Available” via comments.

Mark as sold-Facebook Group

How do I get the Facebook “Sell” feature in my Group?

This feature will roll out to all the compatible groups by the following months but still if you wish to apply for a quicker activation for your group then fill this form.

Does Facebook take any responsibility for the Items being sold and bought?

Facebook is just the platform and it doesn’t have anything to do with what is being sold. However, I believe selling illegal stuff is still illegal no matter how you sell so please don’t consider this to be a loophole or something. In fact, the new “Sell” feature will certainly make it easier for Facebook to track down illegal activities due to the more structured information available.

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So, as a side note. If you are looking for selling something in a Facebook group make sure you get paid and if you are looking to buy something, make sure you get the item.  Be safe online. You can learn more at: Facebook Community Guidelines