Facebook gives off an impression of being gradually taking off another feature that gives you a chance to connect particular movements to your status updates. The feature gives you a chance to select from an exceptionally constrained list of things to incorporate in your update. So what precisely is this new feature? It gives you a chance to select categories of what you may be updated about:

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Plainly, provided that you are not feeling, watching, reading, listening, drinking, or eating then you have nothing worth upgrading Facebook about. Those restricted categories all have significantly more constrained alternatives. Say, for instance, you’re listening to a melody and need to enlighten everyone regarding it. You might head off under “Listening To” and make a choice:

Listening To
Nice ! With the expectation that you’re listening to Shankar Mahadevan or Linkin Park you’re everything set. You just appear to have ten choices to look over, yet it does look like Facebook is pivoting them. The list of choices I’m seeing early today is not quite the same as the ones in the picture above.

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The choices listed in the distinctive categories don’t appear to be hailing from things I’ve “liked” on Facebook, so I’m not certain how they’re being created. My speculation is that they’re basically stand-in choices until the new feature is completely shaped. At that point we’ll have the ability to select from a more extensive determination of Facebook pages.

The alternative to post about what you’re eating is presumably something that will discover on acknowledging what number of photos of nourishment I see in my news food each day. Concerning whatever remains of the alternatives, I’m not certain they’ll get much utilization.