In these days social networks sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc launches new features and facilities day by day. As we all know that twitter has a verified mark in famous person and celebrities profile, so, few days ago, Facebook also launched new feature that verified pages and profile of celebrities, we can simply get idea by viewing below image that Facebook get idea from Twitter.

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We can see that in below image of  Indian film star “Amitabh Bachchan” Facebook page, there is blue verified mark, when you hover over the cursor on it then tool-tip appear with text “Verified Page” or “Verified Profile”.

BachchanMany times people cannot decide that which page is real and which is fake, so this feature will help us to like and follow real celebrities pages and profiles as well.

So, now if you think, that you want to verify your profile or page, then you will be not able to request for it, because Facebook doesn’t provide this features to all Facebook user that means only celebrities can get verified page and profile.

you can read more about this feature on facebook news room, there you will find many other news about Facebook. Hope you enjoyed this post, please drop your comments about this new feature.

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