I have already posted many tips and tricks for Facebook earlier. but today i found another 100% working trick, that is How to share animated gif images/pictures on Facebook. As you know that Facebook doesn’t allow us to upload or share animated pic on Facebook wall, but before few months i noticed that some of  Facebook masters was uploaded and shared animated pictures on their Facebook wall. but after it again Facebook patched them. and finally we haven’t any option or trick to upload animated pic. but hey, what about existing GIF pictures? that they already shared? ;) Facebook just stopped them to upload any new animated pictures but NOT removed their existing shared pictures.

So, i founded that we can replace their Facebook page URLs with our any Facebook page URLs. and also i collected some good working animated pics from the different pages and created a generator that you can easily share animated pics with your Facebook fan page URL on your Facebook wall or Facebook fan page or Facebook Groups etc.

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There is main advantage is that you can increase your Facebook page likes. How??? :D you have to just share animated pics with your Facebook page URL on your Facebook fan page or timeline then your fans or friends will share your animated pic with their friends and i am sure it will be shared with friends of friends & more n more.. ;) that mean there is 100% chances to increasing likes of your Facebook page. :)

So, here is Facebook Animated Picture Sharing tool, follow the introductions below:

  1. Go to generator page, by clicking on “GENERATOR” button below.
  2. Replace https://www.facebook.com/makingdifferent with your Facebook fan page URL.
  3. Now, Select a GIF which you want to share on your Facebook page or timeline.
  4. Click on “Share On Facebook” button. Then new page will opens into new tab there you have to select the page or profile where you want to share it. and finally click on “Share Page” button.
  5. That’s all friends have fun sharing gif images on Facebook :D