Web design is continually changing – with regular updates in front end development there has been a number of major changes since 2005.

2005 was the year of XTML and CSS layouts – gone were the blue and white websites of the early 2000s, with CSS it was easy to define colours, fonts, borders, alignment and there was no longer a need to space everything out in HTML tables! Flash websites were still reasonably common however, something which would continue until Steve Jobs infamous open letter called “Thoughts on Flash” explaining why the major Apple products would no longer support it.

With that being said, many of the popular websites that we use today have remained true to their 2005 designs. Facebook for example, still has a very similar colour scheme and layout, as does Youtube. In contrast to this however, the IMBd, Apple and Microsoft websites look completely different – less cluttered and with a clearer calls to action.

Apps haven’t been around quite as long – although the first ‘smartphone’ (if you can call it that) was available in 1994 – the IBM Simon. It could receive faxes (remember those?), emails and cellular pages. It had applications which included an address book, calendar and a calculator. Orega haven’t travelled that far back in time for this comparison, but you can compare the apps of 2009 to their 2016 counterparts…