There are essential things you should know about delivering SMS before you develop an effective SMS strategy. So, what should you know before starting the distribution?

SMS-Marketing is a system of certain actions taken in order to increase the brand awareness and as a result – attract new customers and grow the income of the company. There is no need to try your luck with it if you do not know what to do exactly. Sit down, take a sheet of paper and put down a few guidelines, which will form the basis of your future SMS strategy and bring maximum potential out of it.


7 Things You Should Know About SMS

The goals
There’s no single strategy without a goal. You should define your goals in order to implement the strategy right after all. Think about what you are pursuing by your mailing, several key objectives, etc. What do you want to achieve via the SMS mailing? What are the goals?

Target audience
You should know your customer in the face. You can gather a certain file for each customer you want to send SMS to. What are these people? What do they do? What do they need, etc? To do your SMS mailing legal and effective, your customer base should include only your real current customers who have at least once ordered your services or bought your products and left their contact data voluntarily. Do not forget about the legal side of the business.

Customer segmentation
It is one thing to send SMS all in a row, but to make a segmentation is a different thing and an important criterion for you. So, it’s better to highlight interesting criteria of segmentation and fill in the appropriate information in the program for mailing. In fact, while defining the target audience you have already created different portraits of the recipients, which sure will come in handy. Think now who needs to receive SMS and why.

Since each business has its own specifics: some companies send SMS once every few weeks, and others – several times a day, and their customers are OK with that, it’s hard to develop an individual universal approach here. Therefore, set the optimal frequency depending on your business and clients.

Do not forget to make a list of informational events according to which you will send messages to your customers. From time to time you can update this list, adding or deleting the information, as per your current goals, etc. Some companies develop roadmaps or a calendar plans in order to organize SMS delivery effectively and in time. When such information is structured and stored in one place, the campaign is always well run.

Competitor’s activity
How can you possibly win the competition if you do not even have an idea about competitor’s activities? If you don’t yet, fix that. Make thorough research on your competitor’s websites, services and products. Create a separate file that will have the detailed information about the competitors in the SMS activity: text messages, frequency, etc. Everything that you manage to find out.

SMS distribution service
Finally, you should find a service that allows you to make fast and flawless bulk SMS distribution at affordable prices if you do not have such on your own. There are services that can offer SMS delivery platform lease on affordable terms, many of them are international with the superb coverage even on islands, where there’s seemingly no mobile connection at all. Digging in functionality, choose the one that satisfies you and set your SMS delivery right away.

Common Myths About SMS Delivery

If you’re considering SMS delivery as an effective marketing tool, you’re right. But there are so many myths about that which definitely can spoil the campaign success or even the whole company’s’ reputation. Don’t want to let that happen? Mind the top 6 myths then.

1. Nobody reads SMS
That’s wrong. 90% SMS delivered are read within twenty-four hours. If not read, then noticed for sure. Even before deleting, the messages will still be read at a glimpse. All that you have to do is to make sure the basic rules of SMS-marketing are preserved: working with the audience, which left their data voluntarily. Spam is no longer tolerated even in the third world countries with the developing economy. To include a call to action in the text is the next task to do.

2. SMS does not bring customers
Like in any commercial, in SMS much will depend on the message text and how the target audience accepts that. With proper organization of the process the number of new customers will definitely increase. To succeed, all you need is:

  • A Well-thought text.
  • Own customer base.
  • Set up a delivery frequency.

3. Bulk SMS is only for big business
The business size has nothing to do with SMS delivery effectiveness. Practice shows that massive SMS delivery can be effective to both large and small businesses, and even for start-ups.
Any direction: an online store, a veterinary clinic, or a multimillionaire corporation can take advantage of these services.

4. SMS-mailing is expensive
No matter the business, any kind of marketing may turn out to be expensive if conducted inappropriately. It is necessary to consider newsletters as a necessary investment to promote the products and services. Analyze an amount of investments and the economic effect resulting. In fact, outdoor advertising has been the most expensive in marketing so far.

5 SMS is a blatant advertising
The use of this marketing tool in the form of direct and blatant advertising, is rather a sign of inability to use it properly. The information presented correctly in the form of a notification, event invitation, greeting, bonus offer, etc. can hardly be called rude and obtrusive advertising or spam. These are rather the means of communication that establish a relationship of trust with both regular and potential customers.

6. SMS spoils your reputation
It sometimes happens that in a blind desire to profit as soon as possible, some companies resort to pushing their products or services in not quite a legal way: they purchase or steal the phone number bases and email spam to those number owners. As a result, people get incorrect messages with abusive information and sue unscrupulous companies.

Unfortunately, in some countries about 70% of all deliveries is still SPAM which definitely takes on the reputation of certain enterprises. Only voluntarily left phone numbers and the clever use of SMS notification system will make this marketing tool effective and useful for your company.

In conclusion, in the case you do not follow stupid stereotypes and know everything you should about delivering SMS, success is guaranteed. Stay smart and go ahead!