Angry Birds often denotes the funny experiments on geometrical shapes, a game where one never loses their interest due to exposure of diverse PlatFormers and the cutest music of all. Angry Bird has also given space to diverse types of board games, puzzle, clay games, stationery etc. Who ever expected that a single video which was made with the help of the angry bird accessories by an eight year old child could fetch so much of money? $1.3 million, an unexpected amount, beyond imagination and beyond the term possibility too but a small boy proved it possible!


Often the bonding between a father and son is term to be the best and is regarded as the best teaching of all. they not only learn the things their father directly taught them but the indirect measures which are dictated in the mid of these teachings are preserve in their memory forever, This video is one such example which not only formed a part of memory but at the same time became a great part of bank balance too.

EvanTubeHD is the live example of such teaching whose admired fun could be seen through YouTube channel. The magic created by an eight year old child. He started his training when he was five under his dad. It says the similar age groups have more impact upon the audience and it is the similar case with this video. If you will watch this video you will learn that a small boy has demonstrated the tutorials of latest angry bird toys in a very impressive manner. His attempts are turned successful by the work of his father Jared. Jared owns a company of video and photography and his skill has efficiently helped his son to live the reviews of his son Evan.

If you will watch this video you will learn how smartly the endearing little boy educates the targeted audience for the recommendation of diverse toys for various age groups. This YouTube star also suggests the different ways in which these toys could be played. A child showing the ways to play a game is actually attractive3. Often parents takes too much of pain to explain the whereabouts of a game to their kids but he removes this hiccups. The best part is the childish happiness which you could witness once he opens a packed toy. His lighted face forces anyone to visualize their own children in his space.

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Record breaking audience

His videos have recorded 750 million views by now and he has been claimed as one of the biggest YouTube celebrity. Business Insider have even announced that this boy must be earning somewhere around $1.3 million annually through this exciting videos of toy review. Yes, $1.3 million- a predicted amount and may be the original figure is more.

How he get these earnings?

As said by his father to the Newsweek this remuneration is earned through the ad sales which are done by a sales team. At the same time he also negotiates with other available brands in the market. So next time if your child shows any such initiative try to be his guide as whop knows he/she could be next Evan.