LG G3 is no more a secret to the blogosphere as a. Lot about it has been leaked. The aforesaid smartphone that is yet to come in limelight has already grabbed the attention of camera for alarming times and had no doubt flashed more than what could be expected before the launch of this gadget. Surprising the recent leaks are so big that it had left a question among the mind of all LG followers that why the official announcement is needed by any means?


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What exactly is that huge leak?

The maximum details of LG G3 is already leaked by someone to the whole world via a Set of images taken in a previous event and had given a whole set of details about this gadget.

What do these images reveal?

This upcoming gadget of LG G3 is going to be of 5.5″QHD IPS screen  with a snapdragon 801 chipset. 3GB RAM memory is inbuilt in it. Android 4.4K Kitkat is going to power it with a rear camera of 13MP image optical stabilization and at the same time with a 2.1MP camera for selfie.

The naturally supporting software includes LTE as well as LTE Advanced. The connectivity part includes Bluetooth 4.0, USB 2.0 and NFC. Nothing about GLONASS or GP is revealed by now but they are expected to be there.

Internal storage

Nothing about microSD is mentioned by now but the happy news is an internal storage of 32GB is expected. This capacity may fluctuate as it is for Korea F400D/K/L version and for international units the figure may vary.

Battery life

LG G3 battery is known to have 3000 mAh and for this gadget the measurement is 146.3X74.6X 8.9mm. Briefly you could conclude that it is somewhere twin to Sony Xperia Z2, albeit. A slightly variation could be expected in screen as rather than 8.2mm of Sony Xperia, this gadget will be 8.5 mm.


LG G3 PenTile screen is going to be better than 1080p Super AMOLED screen ‘s of available competitive Android phone or Galaxy S5.


The innovative part about the camera of this gadget could be that one can take images even by Clenching the palm to a fist. Near the camera lies a mysterious device which is expected to be a type of laser to aid in dim light photography.

Universal tool

The picture that has been uploaded is taken during broad daylight and hence could be described as a universal tool. It is going to be based upon focus assisting beam as the sources says without shaking and auto focus is available in it.


Slides as well as images are there to prove the above mentioned features provided by 1W speaker. Audio part of this phone is also going to be better than before.

Final verdict

Finally it could be quoted that a true picture of this gadget is already  available here before six nights of the official announcement date. Though this review in no regard will snatch the attendance of LG lovers when it will open the wrap of LG G3.