With the increasing usage of Facebook throughout the world the possibilities of spam messages and attacks have also gone up. It’s important to secure your Facebook account in the wake of continuous threats. We will discuss in detail what can be done to ensure your Facebook security.


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Facebook security while using a public Hotspot

You are mostly at risk of attacks and data theft when you are using a public hotspot to access your Facebook account. If you have to use it, try to incorporate these security measures:

  1. If you are logged in, click on the “star” button that is visible on the top-right corner and choose privacy settings.
  2. Once you are in, choose the Security option from the options present at the left hand side of the page. You will be offered different options which can be used to ensure the safety of your Facebook account.
  3. Choose Secure Browsing. You will be offered a box and you have to click it; save changes after that. You can notice that the URL in your browsers now has https instead of simple http.
  4. You can also take advantage of mobile tracking app which will be able to keep all the Facebook activity of the target phone’s user under check. This feature will be available in the end of May and you’ll see all updated statuses, view messages and more! In case the cell phone user erases some Facebook data, mobile tracking app will still save it in your Control Panel accessible from any PC or smart phone.

Facebook Security Best Practices

It is often thought that the Internet is rather safe place. Mindlessly sharing your data on Facebook without any monitoring may lead you to trouble. So, it is better to use some guidelines that will help you secure your data while enjoying Facebook.

  1. Facebook updates its security features all the time. It makes good sense to read the Guide to Privacy whenever there is an update because it will give you the information regarding what updates have been made. At the same time, if you are not sure whether the security features are on, you can use the “Preview my profile” button on any privacy settings page to check how your information appears to others.
  2. You can limit the content viewership by deciding on who would be able to access your information. If you have added random friends in your list, you can still limit them from viewing your photos and other content. It is better not to include everybody into your friend list without being sure that you can safely share your information with them or not.
  3. If you think that some applications or features on Facebook account are not trustworthy and perhaps they are meddling with your account, you can think of disabling them and avoiding any risk.

If you follow these simple guidelines, you are more likely to protect your Facebook account and avoid your data theft.