In our day-to-day lives, we often come up against a shortage of energy. This can be for any number of reasons; diet, sleep patterns, water intake, or physical health. There are plenty of ways to give yourself an energy boost, such as waking up earlier, which can seem counter intuitive, or breaking the routine of your day to day activities. I buy all of my health foods online, so I can safely say that if your diet is lacking, that could be a way to bolster your nutrient levels for a quick boost. We’ve got plenty more health-conscious ways to get your daily energy boost ahead.

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1. Start the Day With Lemon

Many people will say that the trick to a good energy-filled day is the way it’s started, and they’re not wrong. The way your day is started often puts in place your mindset for the rest of the day, and your mind is a powerful analytical tool that can alter your perceptions of situations, making them positive or negative. In the case of energy levels, this is most obvious if you start your day with a glass of water with some lemon juice in it, as this kick-starts your digestion early on, making you hungry for breakfast by the time you’re eating it, putting your body one step ahead all day. The trick is to drink the lemon water literally as you wake up, so that it can start everything off by the time you’re dressed.

2. Drink Plenty of Water

This might sound like a tall tale, but water consumption can absolutely affect your energy levels profoundly. Water is refreshing in general, but when consumed regularly throughout the day, it keeps your body from becoming dehydrated which can bolster your energy levels significantly.

3. Eat a Large Breakfast

Breakfast being the most important meal of the day and all, it’s size is also important, as well as what it’s made up of. Many breakfast cereals will claim to be high in protein or fibre, but it’s important to remember that a large breakfast consisting of whole vegetables, grains, protein and vitamins is much better, nutritionally speaking, than a bowl of cereal with milk. A large breakfast can provide better slow-burning energy than almost any cereal or “quick breakfast”, and the result is longer-lasting energy boosts for the whole day.

4. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Have you ever woken up feeling completely refreshed and awake as soon as your alarm clock buzzes? It doesn’t happen often, but when it does it’s usually the sign of a good night’s rest, right? Wrong. The sleep cycle of a person is about 3hrs long, and as long as you wake up in a period of light sleep, you will often feel well-rested even if you aren’t.

Using a sleep-cycle alarm clock can help give you that feeling every morning, by measuring the amount of movement on your bed throughout the night, it can accurately discern when you’re in light sleep (moving around lots) or deep sleep (totally still). This means that it might wake you up 10 minutes before your scheduled wake-up time, but it will wake you up in light sleep, allowing for that refreshing feeling and a boost of energy from not having to struggle through a deep-sleep start.

5. Supplement Your Nutrients

If you find you just aren’t getting enough nutrients from the food you eat and the things you drink, a good health-conscious way to get an energy boost is to take supplements. These are concentrated nutrients in pill form, and while not anywhere near a replacement for a proper diet, they can help replace vital nutrients that can be lost for health reasons.

6. Snack Smart

Finally, a good way to keep your energy levels sky-high is to snack throughout the day! No, not the unhealthy snacks like chips or lollies, but the healthier alternatives, like dried fruit and nuts. These give slow-burning energy boosts that can help you power through the remainder of the day without a problem.

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