ZippySig is an email signature generator which is used for creating and styling email signatures for your business.

In almost any business, you quickly find out that giving yourself the edge over your competitors and trying to stand out is more difficult than it seems. It can also be expensive. Whether acquiring a new client, sending business proposals or bidding for a tender, you want your company to maintain a professional image throughout.

One way to do this is to have a professional email signature which will stand out from the crowd. Even though many ignore the importance of email signatures, they have a provenimpact on your brand, can be a valuable advertising medium, and can make a big difference to the level of professionalism being portrayed.

How does ZippySig beat the competition?

  • Simplicity – It is very intuitive as to how you can change any aspect of your signature.
  • Live Previews – See how your signature looks straight away with the live preview, which means you’re likely to get it right first time.
  • Ease of use – Sometimes when you use an online application, it can be dazzling. ZippySig is really easy to use and offers a support channel just in case users require assistance.
  • Perfect for all size teams – You can easily duplicate signatures so you don’t need to make the signature from scratch for each department or staff member.
  • Quick Style Presets – If you don’t have an eye for design, there are several style presets to allow the creation of a professional look in seconds.
  • High Level of Customisation – If the presets aren’t perfect, you can adjust most things in their advanced style editor, down to the line spacing, fonts, colors etc.
  • Send signatures to staff members with Instructions – The instructions are customised for the email client and they are very easy to follow. It will definitely save some time knowing all of the little tricks to getting the signature installed correctly.
  • Signatures automatically saved – Each signature you generate gets automatically saved in your dashboard and allows you to duplicate it or modify it in the future.

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Is ZippySig compatible with email clients such as Microsoft Outlook?

ZippySig is compatible with all of the major email clients. Just to name a few, Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, Apple Mail, Gmail, AOL Mail, Google Apps, Office365, Outlook for Mac.

Can I make my own HTML email signature without ZippySig?

Of course you can! But would you want to? Probably not. Making a HTML email signature can be a difficult task as you need to know how to code HTML. Generally the only people that know how to do this are web designers, and even then, it can take them hours upon hours to code even the simplest of signatures. With ZippySig, the hard work is already done! Psssttt, a lot of web design firms use ZippySig to create their own / their clients email signatures!

Does ZippySig cost?

The best things in life are never free! For a small fee, you can create some of the best email signatures on the planet – that’s not much to ask. If you were to engage a web developer to design your email signature, you may be looking to pay upwards of $250 for an entry level HTML signature, and you might not even like the design! For a fraction of that price, you could design it yourself, and you would get the full flexibility that you would expect and you know you will be happy with the end result.

Who should use an email signature generator?

Put simply, anyone with an email address should use an email signature generator. The reason is simple. If you are running a business, wouldn’t you want to impress your customers or potential customers with you service offerings? Emails are one of the main forms of communication for businesses, so wouldn’t you want to create an appealing email signature to upsell to your clients?

How do I sign up to ZippySig?

Signing up to ZippySig couldn’t be easier if you tried.

  • Simply visit and click “Start Now”.
  • Select the plan you would like to sign up to.
  • Fill in your billing/user details.
  • You will then receive a confirmation email.
  • Verify your email address and go to to sign in and get started!