There’s a lot of desktop software that will allow you to cut an mp3 down to a single short clip, or trim the beginning and end of a recording, but there may be times when such software doesn’t work for you. Maybe you’re on someone else’s computer. Maybe you don’t need all of the features that a versatile app like Audacity has to offer. That’s where comes in. It’s a simple, Web-based way to trim an mp3 without uploading or re-encoding it.

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Okay, I admit, this site doesn’t do much. In fact, it only does one thing: it lets you trim Mp3s by dragging the beginning and end points until you have the selection you want. Of course, you can also play the mp3s to make sure you’ve cut them in the right places. The only issue I had with the site was that you can’t zoom in and out on the waveform, so it takes some sideways scrolling to see the end of your track. (Oh, and a volume control for the player would be nice!)