Whether you are just starting out in your career or looking for a change in direction, your career choice is the thing that can anchor you down in one place or can be the thing that takes you to different parts of the country or even the world. If you are keen to land a qualification that you can take with you when you travel, take a look at the kind of jobs which are easiest to transfer.



Human Resources: A qualification in Human Resources (HR) will take you anywhere. HR personnel are needed in any industry setting, small or large, anywhere in any part of the world. Formerly known as ‘Personnel’, HR people are the essential cog in any company with a broad range of tasks and responsibilities such as managing job recruitment processes, coordinating payroll and employee benefits and welfare schemes, organising training courses. This is only a small example of HR duties and the job can of course vary according to company specifications. If you’re thinking of studying for a Diploma of HR online there are a number of good courses available, which can show you how to achieve a qualification that you can use anywhere in your chosen career.


Medical Personnel: Every town and city in every country of the world needs doctors, nurses, paramedics and health care assistants. Other jobs in the medical profession include physiotherapists, occupational therapists and mental health nurses; the list is almost endless and many countries have reported shortages of key medical personnel. The qualification spectrum, of course, varies from the top to the bottom, but most basic qualifications will be enough to secure a job, with some states and some countries requiring additional regional or other specific qualifications.

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Professional Driver: The types of driving jobs range from truck driving to ambulance driving to taxi driving or chauffeuring. A basic driving license will usually be enough to secure something like a van delivery job or taxi driving job but, as in some other professions there may be additional requirements and some countries have tougher rules than others. Countries like Australia and the UK, for example, require a taxi driver to have held a full driving license for a specified amount of time, to submit to a Criminal History Check, to pass medical and eyesight tests and to have basic numeracy and literacy skills. Truck drivers are in demand all over the world and in Australia there are several classes of license and training courses depending on what type and size of truck you wish to drive.


Travel Tour Guide: This is the ultimate career choice for the person who loves to travel and an excellent way to hone your foreign language skills. Every tourist destination needs travel guides. Some guides will be needed in particular locations like museums or city centres while others may get the chance to lead a themed tour; ghost walks and celebrity house tours come to mind. To be a tour guide, you will need to learn everything about the city or attraction you’re promoting so you will need to love learning about history and culture. But most of all you will need to be the kind of person who is confident, unflappable, social and good at putting people at their ease. You will need to be the kind of person who can handle any kind of emergency situation, from a lost child to a medical emergency. If your dream is to explore cities like London or New York and get paid for it, this could be the ideal thing and, who knows, it could lead to you owning your own tour company.